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Boring Shit: Supplement Companies Signing Bodybuilders

Try explaining bodybuilding to someone who has no clue about it. It’s an easy sell in the front end – lift weights, eat healthy food, look good and get laid. But then when you get to the supplement and steroid side of things, a good number of them will tap out. You may keep some in when you bring the competition aspect into the equation, but try to convince them that which athlete was signed by a supplement or apparel company is something newsworthy and you’ll lose the room for sure.

We have to admit that the old ‘watching paint dry’ line fits here. But many – if not all – of our competitors have gone to this well of shit time and time again for editorial in the form of articles and/or forum threads. Let’s start off with our “favorite,” Muscular Development:

*Evan (Centopani) is Back (With Animal) 

*APS Nutrition Signs IFBB WPD Pro Yeon Woo Jill 

*Dexter Jackson Signs With Ultimate Nutrition

*Justin Compton Signs With Evogen Nutrition

Testo 468 x 49

FLEX made sure to highlight the following to their readership:

*Dexter Jackson Signs With Ultimate Nutrition 

*The New MuscleMeds Secret Athlete Reveled 

*Dennis James and Big Ramy Sign With Gorilla Wear

*GAT Signs Bodybuilding Champion Dennis James 

Even our friends over at RX Muscle have joined in on this “trend” with a few of their own:

*Animal Welcomes the return of Evan “Ox” Centopani 

*IronMag Labs Sign Big Jon Ward 

*Scitec Nutrition Sign Shawn “Flexatron” Rhoden

Before you begin screaming that companies do this type of promotion for their advertisers, we’ll one-up that by saying there are a number of better options available to do just that. May we suggest a training or nutritional tip video by the athlete wearing the supplement company’s T-shirt and even using one of their products? Or a service-oriented article with a similar tip accompanied by photos of the new signee wearing that T-shirt again. Better yet, the media outlet can use those same photos for a number of social media posts.

So instead of making it sound like an ESPN ‘breaking news’ article about the New York Yankees signing yet another big name free agent to a long-term, multi-million dollar deal,  those other bodybuilding publications need to be a little creative and put out material that will get a lot more clicks than their usual.

Photo by Andrzej Jaworski/AJ JAWA Photo

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