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Voice of the Fan: Big Mike Cox on Bodybuilding Forums

Let me take you back to a time…..a time where the bodybuilding universe was small. No, not back to the prehistoric days when you had to wait for magazines to tell you who won the Night of Champions or the Pro World Championships, but to a time where we witnessed the forming of bodybuilding forums!

For me, it started with my bodybuilding role model, Shawn Ray AND the notorious! Now back then, you actually HAD pros like King Kamali, Bob Cicherillo, Tom Prince and Shawn Ray posting and interacting with fans. Yes, there was some trolling, but nothing too serious and a lot of “tongue in cheek” stuff. Next, Muscle Mayhem came along and now I had another outlet to get my bodybuilding fix! My most memorable Muscle Mayhem memory was when Craig Titus got in trouble. (Piece of shit; hope he rots in his prison cell.) Mayhem was the place to go for news about the events that were taking place.

But once Muscular Development arrived, it seemed EVERYONE posted there! It was a melting pot of ideas, gossip, training, drug info and just good fun! Again, some trolls showed up like George Forman Rules and Rocky III, but the IGNORE function helped a lot! Back then, Dave Palumbo and John Romano kept stuff light and people were not banned for what they had to say. Where did we go wrong???

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You have been banned for the following reason:

You’ve got to stop stirring up controversy at every turn. It is wearing thin on some people…

Let’s be real here folks. I am not anti-MD, anti-NPC or anti-IFBB; what I am is ANTI-bullshit! Most of us are aware of what is going on in our sport with Lee Thompson and his NSL vs the IFBB. As FANS, we know there is bullshit involved in the IFBB/NPC. If FANS can see this, why can’t the officials?  I’ve heard HORROR stories about Jon Lindsay out in California and Ropeman Felder in Georigia! Shit goes on that is VERY sketchy, but like good little drones, we are to shut up and take it. Don’t question authority at all! Well, I got a big fucking mouth! sherry jon lindsay brenda kelly

Recently, I posted a thread calling for RX Muscle and MD to BOTH stop paying any fee by the NPC/IFBB for press passes! (For those that don’t know the NPC was charging $1,500 for press crenditials at a few of their shows.) Without the media, the only person left to cover shows will be JM Manion and the NPC News. (I got opinions about that too, FMG…..LOL).

Well apparently that was a NO-NO. I got a message stating that talking against the federation was “wearing on some people” (see above). Funny, but EVERY time something is posted about the lack of transparency in the sport, 99.999% of people AGREE! Am I the bad apple of the bunch?

Look, for the most part bodybuilding is fucking boring as shit! But now, with Lee Thompson doing his own thing, there is something to talk about, something other than sets, reps, water depletion and what kind of cardio is best for you! How can you ignore that? ‘No Bull’ isn’t NO BULL! It’s CENSORED BULL!!!!  I’m a little fish in a small pond, yet my words ruffled some feathers to the point where I had to be banned for a day? SRS? I’m not an ass kisser. But in this “industry,” you have to kiss the ring of the Don (IFBB/NPC) in order to stay in their good graces.

Fans know that MD CAN’T have its members or “media” say anything negative regarding the federation in fear of falling out of their good graces! Shit, even the latest MD cover with Dexter Jackson has him wearing an NPC shirt. Coincidence? I think not!

Look, we all have bills to pay. I understand MD has writers and staff they have on their payroll, but have some fucking balls and report the TRUTH!!! Every time a thread is posted with, lets say an “opinion” regarding the IFBB, its either removed or it’s defended so much that folks online can see through the bullshit!
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Thompson ruffled some panties, folks. Like him or not, he made people wake up to what is REALLY going on in this sport. Funny, Lee was everyone’s best friend until he left the IFBB. Now, it’s a smear campaign. What’s funny to me, is that not ONCE in the past five-to-10 years did anyone say ANYTHING about how bad of a judge he was! Not a fucking word, but let him leave the IFBB, “OMG, he is an asshole,” “he is corrupt,” blah blah blah! Was he corrupt when he was getting 1,000 competitors at Phil Heath’s show? Are there more officials in the IFBB that are doing what they allege Lee was doing?

I asked this question as did other MD members……………nothing! Wait, I’m sorry; there WERE some answers. “We didn’t know he was like this,” and “Its not the IFBB’s job to be the moral police.” Oh, it’s not, but when an official LEAVES, then it is your job to be the moral police!

I don’t hate the NPC. As a matter of fact, I’ve NEVER been judged unfairly in my 20-plus years of competing. So I have no bias, but I want to know WHY my NPC Card cost $120. If the NPC is a non-profit organization, then why isn’t the board of electors meeting open to the public? Why are the officials in for life and not elected? Shit, maybe I want to run for NPC President or Vice President! Who is going to take over for Mr. Jim Manion when he retires? I will bet a pound of Kush and a bottle of Nubain it stays in the “family.”

There are THOUSANDS of NPC athletes competing now and I’m sure a LOT of them would love to breathe new blood into an old organization! But how? Someone explain it to me like I’m seven years old. HOW CAN MIKE COX GET TO BE AN OFFICIAL IN THE IFBB? Can I get elected? Hmmm, NOPE. The NPC Vice President has been in the same position for DECADES!!!  If Joe Biden told Congress, “Hey, I’m just going to stay VP forever. Is that cool”? N*GGA WHAT? People would go ape shit! But as “athletes,” we KNOW we have to shut up or it could effect our placings.

Listen, 99.99999% of us wont turn pro or make a fucking dime from this sport. The MAJORITY can make a change if we like, we just have to stop being a bitch and have some fucking balls! But you know what, we have OPTIONS now! We have some place else to take our talents to. Its nice having options, isn’t it?

Now I know what some will say – Thompson is a bad person and all that. We have all heard the stories and interviews and if those accusations are true, then that is disgusting. But this isnt a morality contest. Shit, some of the bodybuilders that have talked shit about Thompson have more skeletons in their closet! G4P, drug dealing, tranny fucking and other sketchy behavor has been a staple in some TOP name bodybuilders lives and careers. So, we are not angels! We all have issues, so let’s leave that out of it. He is just providing another avenue for guys and girls to compete. Period!

Shit, another federation is GOOD. Look what happened when the WBF started and starting paying BANK to top pros. Joe Weider upped his game and did the same thing. COMPETION IS GOOD. Let me repeat that ONCE again; say it with me folks. COMPETION IS GOOD! If the IFBB/NPC was NOT worried, then they wouldn’t have their top stars making public service announcements about how good the NPC is.

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