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No Place For Props in Bodybuilding – Even For Guest Posing

Kai Greene is known for his out of the ordinary posing routines and he took it to another level as the guest poser at the 2015 IFBB Toronto Pro. His S&M style outfit did cause a bit of a stir, with some people giving him credit for it and others saying that he went too far.

If the powers that be want to make bodybuilding more mainstream, then they have to say something about things like this. By not saying anything, that makes it seem acceptable. For me personally, get rid of all the fuckin’ props. The fans didn’t come to see our outfits, they’re there to see our muscles. And just because it was a guest posing spot, why is there a need to wear outfits? Fuck that! I worked hard for these muscles and I’m not going to cover them up to satisfy some people. Kai Greene S and M

#BeYou #BeReal #BeTrue

Bodybuilders are trying too hard to impress people. If you can’t do it with your muscles, then take up another sport.


It used to be only the stage, magazines or VHS/DVD platforms for pro bodybuilders to get their message across to the fans. But social media has given us a direct way to not only market ourselves, but also personally interact with others. Every fan wants to know what the top pros do – how they train, eat, live, etc. and in order to take advantage of this, they have to offer the fans some personal insight.

But the problem with that is that there is no privacy left in the world and you get these posyboii trolls that sit behind their computers (or phones, which are even more common nowadays) talking shit to bodybuilders as if they were in any position to do so. These guys haven’t even reached fuckin’ puberty yet!

I see so many bodybuilders put up with this and that shocks me. If someone comes to my page talking crap, I will expose that piece of shit to everyone. How fuckin’ dare you come to my page and talk like a wanna-be gangsta? I have no room for these type of ‘followers.’

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Just because you see someone with over a million followers doesn’t mean that they are all there for something positive. I’d rather just have the ones who are really there to be inspired and are willing to respect your hustle. And the biggest thing is to just be yourself. Too many bodybuilders are fuckin’ fake and are not good actors. I will call it like I see it and not sugarcoat anything – my name isn’t Willy Wonka.

And, of course, I understand that the guys on top have to be more reserved as you have the eyes of all the big fish on you. So you have to tread carefully and be more diplomatic as to not upset anyone.


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