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Eating On The Road

In the last few years I have been fortunate enough to be traveling to all the big expos like the Olympia, Arnold and many other semi-local shows that result in a few days trip to attend. Along with a yearly traditional trip to Mexico in the colder months to break up the winter, I have had to learn to eat on the go and on the road. It’s been a hard transition at first, but over time I learned these little “bodybuilding travel hacks.”

The last time I went to Mexico, I decided I was not only going to maintain my really lean condition, but I was also going to get LEANER and look BETTER when I got home after a week away. Well, training is a must. Get my regular workouts in and cardio daily, but the DIET was the main thing I had to get in check.

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One thing I learned over time was that supplements save my ass a lot. Protein powders, meal replacements and protein bars, but which ones? Whatever meets your needs, I say. I bring a shaker bottle in my backpack to travel and keep one-to-two servings of powder in a Ziploc bag in there and ready. Also I keep two bars in there, as well. The rest gets packed in my carry-on or checked suitcase. And for a week, that includes the following:

*Two bars per day =14 bars and I bring two extra

*Two servings of protein powder a day (two scoops each), 28 servings of powder

This comprises four meals per day for me and I eat two-to-three food meals at a restaurant, at the buffet or wherever. And when I get there, I look for the cleanest things I can get. Fish, chicken, turkey, eggs and egg whites, veggies, white rice, potatoes, etc. Anything can be ordered to suit your needs at any restaurant; just ask.

The fact that the supplements are so “clean,” it makes it okay if the restaurant food is a little less than perfect; it all evens out at the end of the day. Most places have “healthy”choices, but all places can make special orders if you ask nicely.

Other things I also include while traveling are beef jerky, ostrim snacks, Quest chips, plain almonds, and walnuts and always have a bottle of water on you, too. Many times thirst is mistaken for hunger and it’s easy to dehydrate on a trip.

When on a day trip like an expo all day or an excursion on vacation, take a protein bar (I use Quest bars) and put two of them in my cargo pockets of my shorts. I always have my meal ready like this in case there is nothing I can eat when I want to eat. A bottle of water and that bar will hold me over just fine for a little while.

A good thing about using so many supplements is that is usually results in a calorie deficit, which means if you opt to eat two instead of three meals of actual food that day, both meals can be a little more “vacation friendly” and not have to be a strict macro nutrient-wise. It’s a throwback to the old EAS Myoplex diets where you have three supplement shakes, a bar and then a meal of whatever you want – within reason, which works well on vacations.


If it’s a road trip, you can literally stop at any fast food place along the way and get the RIGHT thing to eat there. Chicken salad, light dressing or even get the grilled chicken sandwich and not have the mayo on it. Doing the right thing is what it is all about here. We all know what we SHOULD eat at the junk food places, but usually justify eating shit or just saying ‘fuck it; I don’t care’ and then getting a little fatter and being pissed about it. I’ve been there many times.

Well, there you have it. How I eat on the road to stay lean, year round, flying, driving…whatever. Even with the knowledge, it still takes DISCIPLINE to do, and remember this is a lifestyle you CHOSE to do. This comes with it. You want that body? Then you got to act like it and EAT like it…even on the road!

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