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Work Your Ass Off

Don’t fool yourself, fellas. As much as we look at girl’s asses, they do the same when we pass them by. Chicks love a guy with a nice butt and we kind of have the advantage when it comes to obtaining one. It is kind of a fringe benefit from working some of your other body parts properly.


When women train at the gym, they tend to do some isolation exercises for their glutes. And the weight that they use for squats and deadlifts is most likely much lighter than what men use.

So here is where us Neanderthals have the advantage over our mates: hit it hard with strict form and your ass will love you for the attention it gets from the chicks.




The one movement that kills and is a killer! Sure, it’s for your quads, per say, but this is a total body exercise in so many ways. Your strength will improve all around and it hits your core, hamstrings and glutes.


Don’t worry about loading up the bar to go halfway down. That’s a waste of time and will get you nowhere. So use a moderate weight with a full range of motion in the 10-to-12-rep range.




Another exercise where too much weight will be detrimental. You will really feel this in your hams and glutes if done properly and your grip strength gets some practice, too.




A great movement for your hamstrings but do them strict and slow to hit the glutes, too. You can switch it up each time with the lying, seated or standing variety.


Photo by Simon Lau

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