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Pete Rose Did It His Way

We commend Pete Rose for never wavering and always being himself when it would have been easy to pussy out and throw himself on the sword. Even if he did, there is no way his lifetime ban would have been lifted, anyway.


  1. Gold Medal Supplements

    December 29, 2015 at 8:06 am

    I think it sucks that he is banned for life. His accomplishments were awesome, and to deny him the glory of feeling the pride for his years of fantastic play to the sport he loved so much and gave of himself so much for just seems so mean-spirited. I mean, you only get to be alive one time, so why deny this man the glory he deserves for his entire life? I feel he has paid his debt to the sport for years now, he should be instated into the hall of fame. I mean, even murderers can get out of jail and get a second chance. Surely Pete Rose, who’s wrongdoing was surely tiny compared to many other who have gotten second chances after much larger wrongdoings. Pete Rose definitely deserves his second chance. I say put Pete in the Hall of Fame now!

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