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Gimme a Spot – The Right Way

Asking someone to give you a spot in the gym is not an invitation to slap on an extra plate on each side and have him or her work as hard as you on those last few reps. When safety is an issue, don’t hesitate to have a fellow meathead stand behind you and make sure that you don’t get crushed under the bar. But let’s keep it in perspective.


The spotter should do more than just rescue your sorry ass if you get stuck. That person should be an extra set of eyes more than hands and help you keep strict form with weight that you can handle. Plus, a little motivational speaking can’t hurt, either. So when you have a training partner or ask someone to spot you, use it to your advantage long before you need a helping hand to complete the last rep and clip the bar.

If the spotter needs to do more than merely guide the weight up, then your set is finished. Don’t bother going back down for another forced rep. But you’ll hear all sorts of people quoting training methods that call for just that, but the average gym rat will get nothing more out of those ‘extra’ reps than a big head.


So when someone asks you what your max on the bench press or squat is, give them the real number – the one that you can do by yourself.


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