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Fit Over 40 – Charlotte Oldbury

   1 – How difficult is it to juggle being a parent of three and a ‘regular’ full time job and still maintain a strict workout schedule and healthy diet? 

Being a parent to three daughters is my number one priority and working full-time certainly cuts a huge chunk of time out of my day but I’ve found that involving my girls in my fitness lifestyle has lessened the stresses of daily life. We often grocery shop and meal prep together. My daughters have learned what a truly healthy lifestyle requires and they’ve embraced it. I’m still overjoyed when I hear them ask who ate the last of the spaghetti squash!

When it comes to getting in my workouts, I’ve learned to go to bed earlier and get up earlier for a cardio ‘sesh’ before going to the office. I pack my gym bag before I go to bed the night before and catch a power nap on my lunch break. My workout headphones go on as soon as I get to the gym after work so I can keep distractions and conversations to a minimum. I push hard and get my workout finished in time to pick up my youngest from after-school dance practice. I also utilize my husband and friends for carpooling when I’m in contest prep and need extra time in the gym. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! image5

2 – You have always worked out but didn’t decide to go into a competition until you were over 40 years of age. Did you train as hard before that and did you ever want to enter a show but ‘life’ got in the way? 

I’ve always loved exercising and pushing my body but I learned a whole new world of hurt existed when I began my competitive training! The dedication required to sculpt the body is strict and scientific and I love it. When I was 30 years old, I was in the best shape of my life up to that point and I was encouraged by a friend to enter a fitness competition. The time just wasn’t right for me as my girls were all still so young. Now that they are older, I’ve been able to immerse myself in this fitness life and teach them along the way.

3 – Being chosen as a winner in the Dymatize contest is a pretty cool accomplishment. How did it feel to get that call? 

Okay, don’t forget I was 40 when that call came! There were over 360 contestants who entered the athlete search and to be one of only two chosen actually had me in tears on the phone. I still count my blessings and sometimes can’t believe this is all real. Age is truly just a number and hopefully others will join me in my belief that we can accomplish anything we set our minds to as long as we don’t give up—no matter how many birthdays we’ve celebrated.


4 – A lot of people view the bikini division as one that includes a lot of women that do not work out hard with weights and are ‘cardio bunnies.’ Judging by your physique, you are certainly one that hits the weight rack as much if not more than the treadmill. What is your opinion on bikini? image6

Bikini competitors are certainly the most natural looking of all the bodybuilding divisions but do not be fooled. We put in just as much time in the kitchen and in the gym as any other competitor. Our goals are different so our workout and nutrition plans are different but it takes work. You’ll find me on the weights way more often than on a treadmill. As a bikini competitor, I’m working on building my glutes, shoulders, and abs. You don’t get those with cardio!

5 – What are your plans for competing? Are you going to keep at it for a pro card?

My fitness journey began with one competition and then I was hooked and that IFBB Pro Card has been the dangling carrot ever since. I’m in my first offseason and focused on sculpting my body into one worthy of a pro. I’ll be competing at the Southeast Texas Championship as my season debut. Ultimately, I plan to compete at the Masters Nationals in Pittsburgh next summer.


(Can you list the shows that you have done and the placings thereat?)

Formulation One – October 16, 2014

Novice Class C – 7th

Open Class D – 16th

Masters Over 35 – 7th image7

Lackland Classic – November 8, 2014

Open Class E – 12th

Masters Over 35 – 4th

Dre Dillard Classic – January 31, 2015

Open Class B – 2nd

Masters – 2nd

Phil Heath Classic – March 28, 2015

Open Class D – 12th

Masters Over 35 – 7th

Better Bodies Championships – April 25, 2015

Novice Class D – 7th

Open Class D – 11th

Masters Over 35 – 13th

Branch Warren Classic – July 11, 2015

Novice Class C – 3rd

Open Class C – 8th

Masters Over 35 – 5th image3

Formulation One – October 17, 2015

Novice Class C – 9th

Open Class D – 10th

Masters Over 35 – 6th


Instagram: @charlotteoldbury
Twitter/Periscope: @charlottoldbury
Photos: Coffman Photography, Brett Seeley, Robert Reiff, Bobby Black

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