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Muscles Are Sexy: Female Bodybuilder Brandi Mae Akers

  • What is your opinion on ‘schmoes?’

I will be completely honest and that is I stay on the fence when it comes to this term. I can totally see where this term came from because the mentality and infatuation with muscle women some of these ‘fans’ have is so extreme, obsessive and unrealistic in some sense that these women can almost feel a mix between being worshiped like a goddess and being the trained animal asked to do tricks, for lack a better term! However, I don’t agree that every person (man or women) who appreciate, respect or admire a muscular body should have to be associated with such a term that has a negative underlying tone.


2 – Do you prefer being a dom, sub or switch?

I like the variation in my work as well as I do in my personal life. Honestly, in my personal life I am a bit more submissive because – let’s face it – despite the rumors, I am a woman, LOL!  I will say though that in my earlier years I experienced being a dominate in my personal life long before I ever did on film; however, doing it on film is just more exciting. Really,  everything on film is more exciting!!


Read more:  Wоmеn’ѕ Sеlf Dеfеnѕе Tооlѕ – Let’s Protect Yourselfbelow this sentence: We will now take a closer look at some of these benefits which will undoubtedly encourage you to start working out asap.


3 – Is there ever any girl-on-girl action when the cameras aren’t rolling?

No, unfortunately in my real day-to-day life, I tend to be too exhausted to participate in extra circular activities.


4 – Who are your favorite actors/actresses to work with?

That is a hard question because different types of people are so different and I have worked with a variety of different people from BBWs to T-girls, elderly men to real athletes. I think most of all I appreciate working with someone who is professional, serious about their work and definitely brings something original to the table.


5 – What is the oddest thing that you have seen on the other end of a web cam?  

LOL! Well, my definition of odd and someone else’s definition of odd are most likely not the same. I have seen just about everything on the other end of the cam. My favorite is the men dressed in women’s lingerie; that always spices it up!!


6 – Does ‘role reversal’ turn you and, if so, why? 

UHH, sadly no…not really. Perhaps because I have been role-playing on webcam for so many years. Role play has just never been my sexual forte. I am personally more of a voyeuristic woman who enjoys watching!!




7 – Are the majority of your male clients wimpy looking? Or do you ever see a bodybuilder type? 

Another great question and I will answer this once again from my own perspective and that is, most clients that enjoy a little rough housing are the ones with a softer disposition. The bodybuilder types usually think the female should be privileged to feel his bulging muscles and don’t necessarily consider themselves ‘clients.’


8 – Many men are intimidated by chicks with big muscles. Lay their fears to rest and explain how wrong that they are.

Well, unfortunately not even I can say the magic words to make the male ego not be intimated by a female with muscles, strength and power. Even the hottest of fitness models have been mocked by some guy about being ‘hard’ defined and looking too masculine. My personal belief is that a woman can be muscular, sexy, curvaceous, strong and beautiful. Those are traits a man should respect and admire versus feeling threatened, but again, there are a lot of insecure men walking around. However, when a woman is as huge as a house, sounds like a dude and exudes no sense of female femininity, then I would say most PEOPLE are intimidated by that presence and not just only men!!


9 – Testosterone makes guys super horny. Does it do the same thing for women?

Yes, very much so! So much so that it can be very aggravating as most of us don’t have the luxury of being able to “get off” any time we feel the little itch, because most people have to work for a living, even the ones who are presumed to sit around and masturbate all day!


10 – If you weren’t a female bodybuilder, what profession could you see yourself doing?

I definitely don’t see my life without some sort of physical activity; I was always athletic and hopefully will always be physically active. Over time, I have just focused all my energies into bodybuilding versus before I tried to keep a variation of kickboxing, weight training, running, cross-fit, etc. However, if my business wasn’t pertaining to female muscle erotica, I would most likely be doing something in the MARKETING genre, as I do have a business degree in Marketing.  I started young in the Financing/Real Estate market and well we all know that market completely dropped out….so I would most likely be working in a corporate office somewhere, probably being sexually harassed (as I was for years when I was in the corporate setting) by the men and being mocked by the women for being such a gym rat!!


Feel free to check out Brandi’s personal website and her new Erotic Muscle site where no subscription is necessary – just purchase and play!!!   

Be sure to listen to Brandi’s interview on FitnessRX-Treme Radio: 

Photo courtesy of Brandi Mae Akers


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