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IFBB Pageant/Fashion Show

For those of you who have been complaining that there are just too many categories at what used to be called a ‘bodybuilding show,’ get ready to reach for the blood pressure pills if you haven’t heard the latest news coming out of the IFBB office in Spain. In 2016, there will be the addition of not one, but two brand new divisions – Fit Model Women and Fit Model Men. As the press release was ambiguous, the assumption is that this will only effect the international IFBB amateur divisions.

MuscleSport Magazine reached out to IFBB president Dr. Raphael Santonja for clarification and received a response from IFBB Judges Committee Chairman Pawel Filleborn, who stated that they are still “working on the project” and it will be discussed at their meeting this coming weekend. But he did say that the Fit Model division will “not be included in the sport program of the IFBB and will be a separate event related with [sic] lifestyle concept promoted by the IFBB without titles like world champion or any continental champion.”


Regardless, this is in our opinion another mistake and the watering down of what is already an overcrowded field for the sake of generating more revenue for the promoters and organization. This makes it a whopping 13 total categories at the IFBB amateur level for competitors.


IFBB fit model men women


To make matters worse, this new Fit Model division is more akin to a beauty pageant or fashion show than something related to bodybuilding and fitness. When phrases such as “prettiness and sublime elegance” are used to introduce them, it seems better suited to something that would cause a litany of Steve Harvey memes to pop up the following day.

The women will be judged in both swimsuit and evening gown rounds, while the men will be wearing a “gymnastic shirt” and “casual sports wear” in four respective rounds. Ladies, bet ready for some “T-walking” and the guys will be on stage with “an unbuttoned fitness style jacket, worn directly on the body, showing the front of the trunk and abdominal section and casual style pants like jeans, khakis, corduroys, chinos, cargo, twills, etc.”

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If there is homophobia as a result of endless male physique competitors, then this will take it to another level. But – to quote a famous “Seinfled” episode – “not that there’s anything wrong with that.”


There will be six total categories for these (three each for men and women), so you do the math. 24 added rounds to shows that were painfully long years ago before they even stuffed the venues with physique and bikini competitors.

The obvious question is how long before the NPC and IFBB Professional League adopts these new categories?



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