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Weight Off Your Shoulders

The 2016 Olympics are being held in Brazil in August – although a few months off yet the participants will already be training and preparing for it. We focus on Weight Lifting and the competitions and events that are taking place between now and Rio. What champions are within the sport at present?

Weight lifting is a serious sport and there are many different events within the profession, it is not just the “See that log, well lift it” mantra that seeps through the glossy World’s Strongest Man competition. We all remember Magnus Ver Magnusson lifting crazily heavy objects when we were growing up.

Within British competition the official website is a great place to check out what events are happening in the next calendar year. At the end of this month there is an event in Manchester where you can see the UK English Weightlifting championships. For the next generation coming through there is also the University & College Championships in London in April. The Heavyweight Aleksey Lovchev is the 2015 Super Heavyweight champion and is only 26 years of age! A close competitor to him is Ruslan Albegov.

A historic competitor of Russia is the Ukraine and one its sons Oleksiy Torokhtiy won gold at the 2012 games in London – Torokhtiy recently shared his training programme online so you can sit and wonder at the dedication required to become a champion in a sport as fierce as this. For all the latest news and odds for the Rio Olympics you can head to a range of betting companies, however don’t waste time grabbing these betting odds and simply head to Betway. They provide the latest news and analysis so you can follow the heavyweights aiming for success pre Rio. To become a champion or even compete in weightlifting there are several characteristics you need to have. You must have physical strength, mental toughness, patience and control. When you have that strength at your disposal it must be so easy to mix strength with testosterone and over play it at competition – resisting this urge and having the tact and intelligence of when to cool it are the mark of a great champion.

Weight lifting is really a microcosm of what you need in life to be successful – this includes determination and a willingness to stick to what you believe in over adversity. This is the great attraction to the sport so hopefully a greater audience can enjoy the sport both in the build up to Rio and at the Olympics themselves.

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