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If I Can’t Grow Taller, I’ll Get Wider

STORYTIME WITH GREGG VALENTINO – is a new weekly series showcasing the most insane bodybuilding stories ever told by one of the industry’s most controversial figures, Gregg Valentino. They simply have to be seen to believe.

People in the bodybuilding industry love to talk about “The Golden Era” – the good ol’ days if you will. Often fans and athletes alike glorify those times by talking about the true greats like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sergio Oliva, and how the much better the physiques looked back then. This is all true but there are always two sides to every story.


The Golden Era looked a lot different for Gregg Valentino. Repeat – a lot different. How did Gregg Valentino become the notorious man with massive arms we know today? What made him decide to blow up his arms to monumental (and to some, terrifying) size? Sit down and take a journey back in time as Gregg tells a story about how his parents thought he was a homosexual, how he created “cake shakes” to pack on dirty bulk, and why he decided to keep going wider… wider… wider. Check it all out in the latest episode above.

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