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Get MSM Free With Super Gains Pack

Picture getting a box of supplements every month in the mail and not only is the shipping free, but you also get a bunch of goodies ‘on the arm,’ as well? Pretty fuckin’ cool, right? We’ll make that sound even better by saying you can get a full year subscription to MuscleSport Magazine for FREE with this package, as well as a pair of leggings or jogger pants from Do You Even and a Promixx automatic mixer bottle.

You get all of this for $31.99 per month (a savings of 16%) with a full year package from Super Gains Pack.

We could sit here and elaborate about this service, but why not let them speak for themselves:

Have you wanted to turn over a new page in your life and crush all of your fitness goals and make all kinds of gains? Whether you’re starting a new workout routine, getting back into shape, competing in physique competitions, or have been working out and living a fit life for some time, the goal is still the same…to make gains! With SUPER GAINS PACK, we plan on introducing you to the world of supplements and motivate you with new gym items to show off those SUPER GAINS! If you’re already familiar with supplements, then you also know that not every supplement produces the same results for everyone. Therefore, the “Try before you buy” idea is great before you drop your hard earned cash on something that worked well for your gym mate, lifting partner, fitness buff, or swole mate, but not for you.

With our monthly packs, you will be motivated, driven, and educated on the world of fitness and so much more. Sometimes, our bodies will often plateau in our workouts and we’ll need an extra boost, motivation, or ideas to have us making gains again. With SUPER GAINS PACK, we will introduce you to new supplements on the market each month with various brands, types, and yes of course, flavors. Super Gains Pack 4

Our Founder and CEO, John Ireland lives an active lifestyle. Prior to being our CEO, he served in the U.S. Army, with two combat tours to Iraq. After serving honorably for over 8 years in the military, John left the military to enter public service once more as a law enforcement officer in the great state of Colorado. He has always surrounded himself with fitness enthusiasts most of his life and would often find himself in the middle of conversations regarding which supplements were the best for gains and which ones weren’t. John wanted to create something where people could test out supplement products before committing to an expensive, full size container that may or may not work as everybody’s body reacts differently to supplements.

In early 2015 he established Super Gains Pack in order to educate, motivate, and push people into the fitness community confidently and willingly. The goal continues today in helping many around the globe make fitness a not just a priority, but also a lifestyle. Super Gains Pack also gives back to the Wounded Warrior Battalion, located in Fort Carson, Colorado, Junior Achievements of America, located in Colorado Springs, Colorado,  as well as to YESS (Youth Emergency Services and Support), located in Des Moines, Iowa.

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