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Does Binge Drinking Vodka & Water Really Help?

By A.J. Agrawal – Binge drinking vodka and water is a huge staple of competitive bodybuilding. Many female bodybuilders have attempted to do this in order to improve their performances in sanctioned competition. It’s also a staple of many bodybuilding forums.


But does it really work and can you do it safely?


This guide is going to introduce you to the facts regarding this unorthodox tactic for improving the way you look in the mirror.


What’s the Idea Behind It?


The average person above the age of 2 drinks an average of 3.9 cups of plain drinking water per day. This is not enough and it doesn’t fit in with the health recommendations put out by bodies all over the world. It means most people are often dehydrated.
People who want to look good are doing the exact opposite. They are drinking up to five times more than what health bodies recommend. This helps them to put on water weight. Then they binge drink vodka in order to dehydrate themselves again. This makes muscles seem more defined than they really are, while also providing a bulking effect.

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So Does It Work?


The evidence is clear from competitive bodybuilding. This is a tactic that certainly works and many people have had an immense amount of success with it. The ordinary person should stay away from this tactic in order to look good, though.


It’s incredibly dangerous. Many people don’t realize that drinking too much water in a short space of time can lead to kidney failure. The organs become overloaded with the amount of liquid flowing into the body, and thus they fail.


Heavy drinking of vodka can also lead to liver failure, along with the disadvantage of being drunk on a daily basis. This is one of the most dangerous tactics currently making the rounds in the bodybuilding community. People who want to be healthy shouldn’t try it.


How You Can Look Better


This doesn’t mean that you can’t drink with the best of them. You don’t have to decide whether to look good or whether to enjoy yourself. There are a number of tactics you should follow in order to drink and look your best at all times.
Take note that you can benefit from drinking alcohol in the looks department (along with water), but to do it in a healthy way relies on other factors.


Achieve Your Daily Nutritional Goals – To build muscle and reduce fat you need to make sure that you are reaching your daily nutritional goals. If you are missing out on nutrition, you are missing out on muscle growth. Alcohol will only add on the pounds and leave you looking fat.


Ordering Sugary Drinks – Many alcoholic drinks are full of sugar. The reason why vodka is so popular is because of its purity. Remember that alcohol reduces at oxidation, so any sugar in the beverage will manifest itself in your belly.


The Hunger Effect – Alcohol usually leads to a feeling of hunger. This is why so many people head to a pizza place before heading home after a long night on the town. The key when using this tactic is to have some healthy food available to fill your belly.


Alternatively, make sure that you already ate before drinking alcohol.


So What’s the Message?


The message here is that to use this strategy without harming yourself you need to accept it in moderation. If you do happen to be a bodybuilder, you may decide to invoke this tactic a day or two before a huge competition. Occasional binge drinking of water and vodka won’t cause you any harm, but if you become reliant on it you are heading for disaster.


The success of binge drinking on your appearance revolves primarily around other factors that are also under your control. Specifically, what you are putting into your body at meal times. 90% of the battle is what you happen to be eating.

Think about Your Goals


Of course, it all depends on your goals. For the average person, binge drinking water and vodka is simply not necessary. Keep in mind that this tactic was pioneered by the bodybuilding community. These are people who do this for a living, and so they have to take every advantage they can get.


Your goals are key when deciding whether this is the right option for you or not. Think about what you want to achieve and then make an informed decision as to what you want to do.


Will you be trying out this strategy today?



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