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Ripped Vixen: Road to the USAs (Part 1)

Naked on the scale this morning, I woke up fifteen pounds heavier than my weight two months ago, before starting Chris Cormier’s Warrior Challenge. I am using his advanced six-month training program to prepare for the USA’s July 29 and 30 in Las Vegas. Our main goal is to lose my stubborn body fat and continue building muscle. Last off-season’s Warrior Challenge was spent improving my weaker body parts to create a more balanced presentation. Now that my foundation is complete I am physically growing out of clothes which is not necessarily a bad thing considering my sex drive increased along with my strength.


The present focus goes beyond winning my heavyweight class, since there are so few female bodybuilders, only one pro card will be given to the overall champion.  All other victors of bikini, figure, and physique etc. will go professional within each class of their divisions. In order to get better results on the Warrior Challenge, Chris recently added thirty minutes of cardio three times a week to stimulate fat-loss without supplementation. It has been fourteen blissful months since I have done any cardio work and even though it was difficult at first, I noticed my body change almost instantly.  The sub-cutaneous water dropped and my big muscles were filling out faster than ever. People easily mistake water weight with fat. Only a skilled eye can see the difference.


Another mutual misconception in the bodybuilding community is human growth hormone. Most growth kits are fake and even ones that look real are imposters. I have tried all kinds of growth hormone (gh) and the easiest way to know their authenticity is by paying attention to the side effects. Many people feel hungrier and notice an increase in weight. It mostly benefits the metabolism among numerous other youthful rejuvenations. Human growth hormone is the strongest fat-burner in the world! Gratefully, I had a connection for Seizen, a pharmaceutical brand of human growth hormone prescribed only to patients with birth defects that actually stunt their growth. I looked my best after consistently taking Seizen for years.
palmsprings12I have also used genuine Serostim kits, which is a brand that can be easier to find. When comparing the two I definitely felt more side effects on Seizen. My feet automatically swell as if I was pregnant when I’m on growth hormone. Most women carry water weight below the belly button so they might look bloated on gh. My ankles and feet blow up a half size bigger in shoes! Men on human growth hormone commonly feel water retention in their hands especially when it numbs their fingers.


This year I am trying growth hormone releasing peptides to avoid those negative side effects. I get a blend of pharmaceutical peptides from the same endocrinologist that prescribed my estrogen cream last winter. These pure peptides unlock the pituitary gland to release my body’s own potential growth hormone instead of injecting an external source of gh that can get very expensive.  It also improves my sleep by allowing growth hormone to manufacture during deeper rest. The doctor says it takes a few months of consistent use to harvest the fruits of this pre-bed ritual. Stay tuned for more veins popping out of my dense ripped muscles and check out to see daily updates!

A Warrior Challenge Workout by rippedvixen

After graduating on the Dean’s List, Ripped Vixen missed that competitive edge she has known her whole life. All that time invested in the gym inspired RV to become a personal trainer. She truly developed a passion for health and fitness.  Shortly after acquiring a NASM certification she started her own business personal training.  Eight years later, the muscle queen resides in Los Angeles training celebrities for a living.  Ripped has fulfilled her dream as a professional bodybuilder in Southern California working out at Gold’s Gym Venice!  This is when the growth process really started to change and you could see her physique morph drastically. Fans have inspired Mistress Ripped Vixen to show off her ripped body by performing live on webcam. She flexes her oiled muscles wearing a thong bikini or sexy lingerie.  Check out her show times by following @RippedVixen on Twitter!

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