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In the Clinic With The Anabolic Doc – Hypogonadism

We would like to welcome Dr. Thomas O’Connor, aka the Anabolic Doc, to MuscleSport Magazine. Here’s a video clip with O’Connor discussing a 37-year-old man with anabolic steroid induced hypogonadism.

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  1. Martin Graham

    March 8, 2019 at 6:11 am

    Hello mate I live in the UK I’m 55 and started juicing up just coming up to 3 years ago I started my journey on T bol with proviron just as a buffer I like the T Bol because it’s not as harsh as Dbol or Deca plus the estrogen level aromatisation is minimal along with the fluid build up which is negated i slowly worked my way to taking sustanon my reasons for taking intramuscular testosterone is because I was aware that with every action on the positive side there is always a negative if you abuse what you put in your body I researched everything before injecting juice because of my age as I know you are aware my natural testosterone is practically zilch nada I’m not worried about the infertility side of things because I had a vasectomy when I was in my 30’s and to be honest my friend sex to me is not the be all to end all although it’s nice to feel like a man again my partner is totally on board with my reasons and even say how healthy I look I do 2ml of test enanthate once a week with parabolan same dosage every eight to ten days I normally cycle this 5 to 6 months after which I flush my system for about four months pct with tamoxifen/nolvadex and Clomid I have full blood checks liver kidneys thyroid glucose LDL and creatinine supplement wise I take Lecithin omega 3 fish oil capsules alfalfa and kelp tablets as well as natural sea salt for the potassium and iodine which stimulates the thyroid I’m old school and like to think that I’ve got all the boxes ticked once my pct cycle is complete I generally give it a couple of weeks for my body to re-Boot itself like a computer then with all the fish tuna salads boiled eggs steaks rice chickens I say chickens because I normally eat one a day with vegetables I feel like I am digressing but I just wanted to give you an idea where I am coming from I never juice up straight away after pct cycles I start off with T bol for a couple of weeks I just like the feeling and the edge it gives me when I bench press squat and deadlift I don’t bother with gym clubs I think they can be distracting and expensive and I have everything I need in my flat Doc I watch you all the time on YouTube I listen to others but I always come back to you because you know what you are talking about and as the old saying goes always speak to the Organ grinder is there anything that I am doing that you feel needs improving that’s it mate sorry if it’s a bit long winded but I felt that everything I do is important just so that we are on the same page I look forward in hearing from you with any constructive feedback yours respectfully Martin Graham

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