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NPC Competitor Brittany Krischer – From Bikini to Figure and Physique

Finding precisely the right category has been quite the challenge for Brittany Krischer. Although only 25 years of age and entering her third year of competition, the Long Island, New York native has run the majority of the gamut by standing on stage in bikini, figure and women’s physique. And although she placed her highest in WPD, Krischer has decided to move forward in figure.

“For me, I prefer wearing heels and doing a specific routine,” she explains. “Although I excelled more in physique (third place at the 2015 NPC Eastern), it is not for me…yet, at least. I’m not a dancer and never have been. So to perform a dancing style (posing) routine in physique was uncomfortable for me and cause me more stress than it was worth.” Brittany Kirscher 2

At that particular show, Krischer placed sixth in figure and three places higher when she crossed over to WPD, which, ironically enough, qualified her nationally. So perhaps she may be better suited for physique, especially considering that putting on quality muscle seems like a good problem to have for her.

At each of the three bikini shows she entered in 2014, Krischer was told by the judges that she was in the wrong division and should give figure a try. “I was told numerous times that I was too muscular and not lean enough for bikini,” she recalls from those shows that she did not do well in.

In her first attempt at figure, Krischer made the top five at the Brooklyn Grand Prix. That set her up for the aforementioned Eastern contest. Considering what she has learned from the experience since then, it will be very interesting to see what she brings to the stage this time around.

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She stays on a year round strict diet (for the most part) and within 10 pounds of her contest weight so that she can ease into her prep. “Sadly, I gain weight by looking at a cheat meal,” says Krischer with a laugh. “So my coach and I have decided this offseason to not exactly treat it as one. if I want to take off a day or two – or have a cheat meal – I do it. But i always make sure that my mentality stays the same.”

Brittany Frischer 4Frischer will check in with her coach on a weekly basis with photos starting from four weeks since her last show. “I work endless hours, days, months and years too look a certain way…the way that I’ve always dreamed of looking. So if that means I have to keep cardio in my routine (light, of course) and a limited weekly food plan, then so be it. I believe that this is a lifestyle and not something that I will grow out of.”

The one aspect that Krischer feels that she should never grow out of is muscularity. The mandate that the NPC put out to concentrate more on symmetry rather than size can be confusing and frustrating, since it goes away from everything that people walk into the gym for.

“This has actually changed my thoughts on competing altogether,” says Krischer. “It’s a shame that these committees would want to negate the muscle on a woman’s body for more symmetry; it’s discouraging.

“For starters, women are at a disadvantage with muscle growth as it is,” she continues. “For me, my quad muscles will triple, while my shoulder or back size takes up to a year to develop further. I love that journey and love watching what I have built come to life. But to be told that we as figure and physique competitors need to focus less on that and (more) on symmetry is disheartening. But (they) make the rules and we obviously try to abide by them the best that we can. In the end, I compete for myself…for the experience and the journey, for the people that I meet and the ‘I did it’ feeling.”

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Photos courtesy of Brittany Kirscher

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