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Our Theory Why Kai Greene Will Never Compete at the Olympia Again

There’s a new video floating around YouTube and the various bodybuilding media websites that is purportedly made by an “industry insider” that even went as far as disguising his voice to remain anonymous explaining in painstaking detail why Kai Greene will not compete at the 2016 Mr. Olympia contest. It was originally posted by Legends of with a caption stating that they have partnered up with this new mystery man who will be posting weekly videos uncovering much coveted inside info.

The unidentified insider states on the video that Greene was forced to skip the 2015 O due to the lawsuit filed against him and his representative Adam Paz by Pinnacle Sports Media. This case has been widely known since last September and hardly comes as a revelation at this time. This suit has nothing to do whatsoever about Greene competing and is more for potential lost wages by Pinnacle when Greene  – and Paz – bolted.

The video says that “Kai could not legally sign the (Olympia) contract” last year and we have found nothing in the court documents to prove that. From how it reads, Pinnacle had more of an issue with Paz representing Greene without their involvement. Putting the pieces together, it would seem that Greene launching his DynamiK supplement line (which he did around this same time) would create more of a potential loss by Pinnacle than him taking the stage in Las Vegas.

So we’re not really sure why the insider has pointed to this year-old lawsuit as the main ingredient in Greene not competing and he moves on around the 2:20 mark of the eight-plus minute clip to hints/clues why Greene will once again miss the gala event (Jay Cutler seminar, George Farrah, etc.) due to the same legal troubles.


Those are surely interesting, but we’re going to take it a step further and say why it is in our opinion that Greene will NEVER set foot on the Olympia stage ever again – in 2016 or later…and it has absolutely nothing to do with any legal issues.

The main reason why Greene is done with the Olympia is because he knows in his heart that the judges will never give him the Sandow, especially while Phil Heath is on top. “The Gift” is the perfect IFBB puppet and solidified his standing with the powers that be by making his ‘pledge of allegiance’ video during the 2015 Olympia Weekend. With the entire Lee Thompson and then-NPC Global chatter, the hierarchy had their talking heads state an obvious scripted ‘love letter’ to the NPC and IFBB and having Heath gushing over them made it a foregone conclusion that he would in fact walk away with his fifth consecutive Olympia win the following day.

So Heath is their golden boy and while he has not exactly endeared himself to the fans (arguing online with critics is below a professional athlete, let alone a champion), he still is a safe bet to lead the way. Greene, on the other hand, has exhibited extremely odd behavior for years and has had his sexuality come into question. Videos of him having intercourse with a grapefruit and dancing on stage at gay clubs (inviting a male patron to place his head under the towel covering Greene’s genitalia) are not exactly par for the course, either. The man known as “The Predator” has also performed guest posing routines wearing provocative S&M studded leather outfits with penis phallic symbols.


Even if Greene comes in looking better than Heath that night, Greene will not stand in the winner’s circle. Because bodybuilding is an opinionated sport and not one that is cut and dry, the judges do not have to explain why they scored someone below another. And this is the Super Bowl of bodybuilding, so even if Heath happens to be off, someone else (such as Dexter Jackson) will be close enough to bypass both him and Greene.

Yes, Greene has run off three consecutive Arnold Classic wins this year, but none of those titles hold the same prestige as Mr. Olympia.

So where does this leave Greene? He has a few choices. He can retire as the second best bodybuilder in the world and no one will argue that. Or he can continue to collect winner’s checks at the various Arnold contests that continue to be added each year.

But he also has another choice, one that will not be popular with the IFBB apologists – follow Toney Freeman to the Nspire Sports League.


While that may seem more unlikely now than it did in 2015, someone as unpredictable as Greene is impossible to pin down. So whose to say that the veteran Freeman didn’t poll the other guys in the proverbial ‘locker room’ before he made the move? Greene can certainly earn a good deal of money winning the Arnold shows, but he may be looking to set up a ‘retirement plan’ and where does he really fit in with the IFBB once he is done competing?

Because Greene has been getting himself on the map across different forms of media with the ESPN NFL promos and his podcast on Generation Iron, Thompson may be just the one to make him an offer he can’t refuse as more than just a competitive bodybuilder. One that includes a lot of exposure all across different platforms.

All bodybuilders have large egos and Greene may see the elusive Sandow and lack of post-career media opportunities as traffic control devices pointing him from the IFBB to NSL.

Photo: Andrzej Jaworski/AJ JAWA Photo

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