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‘Everyone Gets a Trophy’ Attitude For NSL Bikini Competitor

Today’s society is one that is filled with a sense of entitlement that has been bred by a progressive, no bullying attitude that has been topped with the ‘everyone gets a trophy’ mentality. In every walk of life, this has become commonplace with the specter of never-ending complaints hanging over all of our proverbial shoulders. Who is at fault here varies, but in the case of the bodybuilding industry, they have no one to blame but themselves.

Once multiple divisions began being added, greed took over and the placings of importance grew with adding more national-level qualifications and eventually pro cards. Gone were the days where you had to win the overall to get an IFBB pro card. Now they are given out like candy on Halloween. NSL cry baby

So when you have a ‘professional athlete’ literally crying on a social media video because she didn’t get a trophy for SECOND place in bikini, this industry has hit rock bottom.

Traisha Martin, who earned her Nspire Sports League pro card in March, posted a video on her Facebook page the day after the NSL show in Denver. She placed second in the beach bikini class, one that included only two competitors.

“They crowned Siera (Capesius), gave her her medal,”  Martin states in the clip, “we had a hug and then I turned around – you would think – to get my second place medal of some sort…any sort of recognition… and to hold her hand and take a picture like you do on every other stage that you do (sic). And that didn’t happen.

“This was a mortifying experience,” she continued. “Not being on any of the posters, no recognition.”

It seems that one of her main complaints here is that she didn’t get a medal for second place, which was really last place here to be technical. And she also mentioned that she didn’t the same amount of time to do her posing routine as Capesius did.

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Martin concludes the video by saying that “this is something at this time that I don’t think I should be a part of.”

Let’s break this down in simple terms: A bikini competitor feels slighted because she was not on the show’s promo material, had a few less seconds on stage, finished second/last, didn’t receive a medal and didn’t have the opportunity to take a picture with the winner.


Martin, who didn’t exactly blow away the competition in the NPC (10th at the 2014 Texas State Championships and 8th at the 2014 Arnold Amateur), has a number of social media posts about eating junk food (Poptart sandwiches, included) and is basically an average bikini competitor at best. (This is BIKINI we are talking about, and that is difficult enough trying to ‘sell it’ as it is.)

NSL commissioner Lee Thompson did comment on Martin’s video that “a mistake was made” (presumably about her posing routine time allotment) and that the NSL personnel tried to communicate with her after the fact about it but she left.

This is what the world has come to.


This seems ludicrous that a bikini competitor can cause so much commotion, but Martin actually made a ‘retirement’ post two days after her video on her Facebook page:

I made a video on sunday morning explaining a situation that happened on stage and my frustrations. The NSL has apologized, and people might say im a cry baby, need thicker skin, etc; but what i have also read is “someone needed to say something” and thats what i did. Through the couple years of competing i have witnessed pre determined shows, teams winning more than other teams, you name it, and what i have learned is unless you are someones gold piece you may never have a chance. And people will say “thats part of competing”, and you might settle for that but i myself have been told personally that told that no matter what i have a chance, but have realized unless i am predetermined as THE “it” girl, which i haven’t been, i will be let down years after years competing for “me”, which people say, and honestly i have a hard time believing you NEVER want to win. I will never walk across a stage again. And sorta made that decision before i made the video i made sunday. Just remember, no matter what organization you go with, no matter where you are, there will always be favorites. Call me a cry baby or not, 99 percent of people that have competed know exactly the statement “its political”, and that will exist no matters what a organization says they exist as.

This is another prime example of attention seeking and a sense of entitlement by this person. She went out of her way to stress that her complaint was not that she did not win the show, but the above post sums it up that it was EXACTLY that.

Martin is now eluding that in this NSL show and her previous ones in the NPC, she had no chance of doing well because she was not one of the favorites. Not in the odds too win sense, but on a personal level.

News to Traisha Martin – you didn’t win because your physique wasn’t as good as your competition’s. Your posts with Pop Tarts sandwiches may have something to do with that.

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