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Jenny Moseienko: Heating Up the Ukraine

1 – How many years have you been training? And what made you start?

I played basketball when I was younger and then when I was 16, I went by a gym to see a friend and tried it. I started slowly but really felt the passion for it. After only one year, I was competing in novice power lifting and loved every minute of it. I spent all of time after school in the gym and had aspirations of becoming a personal trainer.


2 – With your difficult upbringing, were you under any pressure to worry more about a career in the workplace rather than attending the sports academy? JENNY-BIKINI2

I was born in Ukraine in Marianovka, which is a small village in Dnepropetrovsk. At the age of 3, my mother left my father, sister and myself. My father ended up getting killed five years later and my sister and I were raised by my 75-year-old grandfather. He passed away when I was 23 and he will always be my hero in life.


3 – Explain a little bit about the sported academy and what you did there.

When I finished school, I attended the Dnepropetrovsk Sport Academy in search of a sport degree. I also began working as a trainer’s helper at my gym. At the time, the three of us were living off my grandfather’s government pension, which was just enough for us to eat. I got used to living the hard life.


At the Academy, you learn a lot every day for eight solid hours and people that live far can also sleep at the student dormitories. It was very interesting because you have the opportunity to meet people from all different areas of Ukraine who love sports.


4 – At what point in your training did you decide to enter a competition?

In 2015, Energy Fit Gym offered me an opportunity to prep for the Miss Bikini Ukraine. They paid all of my expenses for eating, training, coloring, traveling, etc. I decided to give it a shot since it is one of the hardest shows in the Ukraine and known for having so many pretty women enter it. JENNY_bikini3


5 – You placed sixth in your first show, which is very impressive. What type of prep and how long did you do for it?

I started to train twice a day with two cardio sessions and 45 minutes of weight training. I was eating eight times a day, small meals every two hours, and playing with my carbs. I would have a low carb day, then high carb days and then a zero carb day. I didn’t find that diet difficult and was focused on my mission. I dieted for 12 weeks and placed sixth out of 26 competitors in my first show, which is not bad at all.

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6 – How long of a prep are you doing for the Odessa Ukraine Championships in October?

When that first show was over, I didn’t take much time off. After a week, I was back in the gym and decided if I want to improve in my next show, I must stay on a super clean diet and train as hard as I can. I am basically eating the same as before a show, just higher on the fat and carbs. I normally try to eat low carbs since I don’t feel that I need that much of them. I have a small frame (5’4”, 106 pounds). Jenny_bikini4

I’m also training twice a day, six days per week. Here’s my gym schedule:

Monday – Running stairs on an empty stomach (20 minutes), shoulders

Tuesday – Glutes (heavy), legs, cardio

Wednesday – Arms, cardio, abs

Thursday – Glutes (jumping), back, cardio

Friday – Running stairs on empty stomach (20 minutes), chest

Saturday – Legs, cardio

Sunday – Off


Meal 1 – 150 grams egg whites, 20 grams oat meal, coffee

Meal 2 – 100 grams tilapia, 150 grams broccoli

Meal 3 – 100 grams chicken, 30 grams rice Jenny_bikini5

Meal 4 – 100 grams turkey, 150 grams broccoli

Meal 5 – 150 grams egg whites

Meal 6 – 150 grams low fat cheese


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Photos courtesy of Jenny Moseienko

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