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Road to the USAs (Part II)

The best thing about training at the mecca of bodybuilding is that you never know who is going to be there. My training session with Chris Cormier was scheduled at the same time Jay Cutler showed up at Gold’s Gym in Venice. There was a swarm of people waiting to get their picture taken with the four-time Olympia winner. It was surreal working out with a legend like Chris “The Real Deal” Cormier while Jay Cutler was training right next to us and they were chatting like old friends talking shop about the industry.


Jay’s was not the only unforgettable handshake I received that day. I was also fortunate to meet pro bodybuilder Shawn Rhoden, even though I see him training at the mecca often. They are all huge inspirations to be around and their presence is full of motivation. We had a successful shoulder workout and proceeded to the posing room so Chris could take a look at my progress under stage lights. Here’s a small clip of the mandatory bodybuilding poses and how I practice for my sport.

Three months out by rippedvixen

I have been taking a few different peptides on this prep and the side effects are very similar to real growth hormone but have subtle differences. After injecting the Sermorelin, GHRP-6 and GHRP-2 at night, my food cravings are like nothing I have ever experienced before. The first shot made me feel hypoglycemic by heating up my entire body to the point where I was sweating! The second night was milder except for the shakiness that occurred both instances. What I noticed the most was being overcome by extreme drowsiness following each injection.


My only assumption is that since these growth-hormone producing peptides are causing my body to manufacture its own growth hormones, the amount of work that task is placing on the glandular system can be very taxing. I get so exhausted it makes eating my last meal very difficult because it is hard to stay awake. However my body is resting better from the peptides because I am getting deeper into sleep patterns and having vivid, cyclic dreams. They come and go like waves in the ocean. I crash hard in the evening and then wake up in the middle of the night starving. Eventually my body falls back to sleep in the early morning when the strangest dreams take place in my subconscious mind!

I’m also using a longer esther Sermorelin mid-week to keep my growth hormones pumping throughout the day as well! I noticed slight water retention in my feet but nothing in comparison to genuine Seizen. The majority of my weight gain happened immediately in the beginning of Chris’ Warrior Challenge. There’s a fifteen-pound difference between these pictures and three months of intense training and consistent dieting. It is an accumulation of nothing more than hard work and dedication.

I don’t expect to win my pro card on the first attempt. My goal for this year’s USA’s is to win my class and obtain the necessary experience competing for the overall before I can achieve professional status. Female bodybuilding is awarded differently than other divisions in the industry. Remember the old-school way when only one pro card was given to the overall winner? I have to be realistic about this process and consider the circumstances. It has been an amazing transformation so far and I’m gratefully looking forward to the next step. Thank you for supporting me and following my journey!


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