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ESPN Racist Writer Howard Bryant Hits New Low

As we honor our great nation’s heroes on this Memorial Day, we are also reminded of how far we have fallen in a mere seven and a half years. Yes, the United States of America is a much different place since Barrack Hussein Obama has taken office and his liberal agenda has even made days like this – and the memory of September 11, 2001 – a divisive subject. ESPN senior writer Howard Bryant is a mere microcosm of this, but his words have made headlines because of how he has encompassed many of the social issues that have been a powder keg and done so using ‘The Worldwide Leader in Sports as his soap box.

In the upcoming June 6 issue of ESPN The Magazine, Bryant takes his “The Unspoken Truth” column to a new low. Bryant, who is black and has made a career out of saying so, goes against an event that brought this country together by putting his racist spin on it, according to a report on News, who published excerpts such as:

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“Policing is clearly one of the most divisive issues in the country – except in the sports arena, where the post-9/11 hero narrative has been so deeply embedded within its game-day fabric that policing is seen as clean, heroic, uncomplicated. Following the marketing strategy of the military, police advocacy organizations have partnered with teams from all four major leagues to host ‘Law Enforcement Appreciation’ nights, or similar events.”


Excuse us, Bryant. But policing is only divisive when one breaks the law. And in case you may have conveniently chosen to forget, there were numerous men and women in blue who lost their lives in the line of duty that fateful day (and countless others since then as a result of exposure to toxins at Ground Zero), as well as fire fighters, emergency workers and civilian crews.


[EDITOR’S NOTE: Writing this article is a very personal issue to me, as I knew many people who perished that day and even more since then due to the tragedy – uniform personnel and civilian.  I, too, was down there during the rescue and recovery stage and this is a very important subject for me being a native and lifelong New Yorker.]

And Bryant continued with:

Nobody seems to care much about this authoritarian shift at the ballpark, yet the media and the public are quick to demand accountability from players they consider insufficiently activist. They blame these black players for not speaking up on behalf of their communities, ignoring the smothering effect that staged patriotism and cops singing the national anthem in a time of Ferguson have on player expression. It’s indirectly stifled, while the increasing police pageantry at games sends another clear message: The sentiments of the poor in Ferguson and Cleveland do not matter….While athletes are routinely criticized for “not doing more,” it is conveniently ignored how deeply their employers have mobilized against the most powerless elements of their fan base. Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 2.31.33 PM

And there’s the magic word: black. Precisely how Bryant has forged his way into the public eye by authoring books like Shut Out: A Story of Race and Baseball in Boston. If there happened to be one editor along the way who recognized that this man had zero journalistic skills other than to rabble rouse, he would have been sent to the copy room years ago.

The scribe mentions Ferguson and Cleveland as if they are examples of his agenda, when they are the exact opposite. In both cases, the respective police officers were cleared and not indicted. The Missouri case ignited the entire ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement, even though forensic evidence and witnesses proved that the “Hands up, don’t shoot” scenario was a blatant lie. Days of rioting and pandering by President Obama and then-Attorney General Eric Holder did the polar opposite of quelling the division and violence and that has continued ever since with a sense of lawlessness in the inner cities around the country.

Bryant, who joined ESPN in 2007 after a long career as a newspaper columnist, is obviously confusing a police officer honoring his/her fallen officers from 9-11 as being part of an “authoritarian shift at the ballpark,” which, by any person with law abiding decency and common sense would not make that same connection or even have an issue with.

MuscleSport Magazine reached out to Bryant through his publicist and his personal Twitter for a comment that has gone unanswered as of this writing. So without a rebut from him, we can only ascertain his reasoning via documented facts. In 2011, Bryant was arrested and charged with domestic violence against his wife in an incident that happened in public with their then-six-year-old son present. He was allegedly assaulting his wife and then did the same to the responding police officer.


At his arraignment, Bryant’s lawyer pulled out the race card, saying that he was arrested because his wife is white. She subsequently refused to press charges and Bryant ended up pleading to serving six months of pretrial probation.

Could his past experience cause Bryant to be anti-police, much like Obama has been as president?

That’s up to each individual to decide for themselves until Bryant provides an explanation. Either way, his article – and more importantly, political views – are a slap in the face of every American who still holds 9-11 in their hearts and minds.

By ESPN employing this racist, they are nothing but ‘The Worldwide Leader in Shame.’

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