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5 Business Lessons You Can Learn from Fitness Entrepreneur Chalene Johnson

Chalene Johnson is a legend of the fitness world. After selling over 10 million fitness DVDs and the success of her company Powder Blue Productions, she has become a model for how to become successful in the world of fitness. Anyone running a business has a lot to learn from her.


In this guide, you are going to learn five business lessons straight from the mouth of Johnson.


You Need to Solve a Problem


Sometimes running a startup can be like being in an emotionally abusive relationship. No matter how hard you try you are never good enough. The number one reason why companies fail is that they are unable to figure out what problem they need to solve.
Passionate entrepreneurs need to take some time away to think about what problem they are solving. For example, Johnson’s program for kickboxing instructors took a lot of the time and effort out of planning routines and purchasing music for their routines.
Johnson helped her customers save both time and effort, which is why they gravitated towards her. How are you going to help people save time and effort?

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Concentrate on Building a Community


Much of Johnson’s success is based on building a community. When she first started her fitness business, she used a unique style and hilarious sound effects in order to loosen people up and bring people in. Today, she is using the live streaming platform Periscope in order to engage people. In many ways, she is becoming a hero to her followers through giving people this type of insight.


Community is the most important asset you have because when someone is part of a community they are going to stick with you in the long-term. And these are the customers that become brand ambassadors. This is one of the most creative ways to market because you are getting your fans to do it for you.


You Need to Stay Honest in Your Personal Relationships


You have two major relationships to take into account when running a business. First of all, you have the relationship with your loved ones. Then you have the relationship with yourself. It’s vital that you’re honest in both of these relationships or bad things can happen.


Johnson was the head of an extremely successful company, but she had to admit that she wasn’t happy. She had to admit to her husband that she wasn’t happy, and that’s why Johnson tells her students today that they have to stay honest, even if they don’t want to hear the truth.


Sometimes it’s hard to admit, but it will benefit you in the long-term.


You Can’t Just Build Up Your Personal Brand


Some of the most attention grabbing Tweets are all designed to help you build up your personal brand. But building your personal brand is not about flashy gimmicks or trying to pull the wool over someone’s eyes. It’s about using your experience and authority, which you already have.


Johnson said becoming a brand within the fitness world was easy because she already had years of experience as an entrepreneur. It came to her naturally, and that in many ways helped her to build her personal brand without much effort.


You Cannot Do Everything


Johnson says that the concept of seasons is everything to her. She says that to learn about social media she designated a specific time of year for that. She then had another season when she concentrated on something else. And that’s a lesson that she has applied to her fitness empire. You have to give and take. You cannot do everything at once.


Business owners should do what they can to pace themselves. Throughout the year, they should make sure that they are making something a priority. It’s physically impossible to make everything a priority at exactly the same time.




The world of fitness, in many ways, is not much different from any other area of business. You can apply the same lessons to your target market, regardless of the niche you happen to be operating in. Entrepreneurs have to manage both their personal and professional lives.

Johnson has done this to a great effect. Some may argue that as a huge business entrepreneur that was easy, but remember that she started off from the very bottom and worked her way to the top using these principles. They are applicable to any area of business.


What is the best lesson that you have learned from Johnson?



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