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Synthol, Steroids & Bodybuilding with Gregg Valentino – Generation Iron Podcast

Welcome back to the Generation Iron podcast! After a brief hiatus we have finally returned with brand new hosts and a brand new “no bullshit” attitude. Of course, there was no better way to start off this new raw and uncut bodybuilding podcast than to bring on Gregg Valentino as our first guest. One of the most raw and rebellious men to ever come out of the bodybuilding industry.

Tired of hearing pro bodybuilders dance around questions when it comes to steroid use and other illegal enhancing drugs? So are we – which is why there’s no holding back in our return episode. We get into the thick of what steroid use really means for the bodybuilding industry and for the young kids who are growing up trying to make it as the new age mass monsters. Gregg also goes into detail about his personal drug experiences and tries to put to rest once and for all all those synthol allegations. You can listen to our brand new episode here:

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