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Road to the USAs (Part III)

My body is leaning out for the USA after four months of building muscle on the Warrior Challenge. The Warrior Challenge completely transformed my body into a more balanced physique. I currently weigh 150 pounds and need to lose another ten in order to make my light-heavyweight class in women’s bodybuilding. The diet has been fairly easy, however my cardio recently increased to double sessions, not including resistance training. I can see apparent changes through the visual aid of these progress pictures that were photographed one month apart. They reassure my daily efforts are successfully working towards our goal!

side_chest copy


May created some unexpected tribulations that left me jobless without a facility to workout at consistently. Unfortunately the gym that employed my independent personal training business for the past seven years closed its doors. The downfall was very unexpected which left me relocating clients to another area which most dislike because of the traffic in Los Angeles. Half remain loyal customers but having to restart a business is never fun, especially eight weeks out from a show. I have been gym hopping with temporary day passes to complete my workouts. Training twice a day for six days a week is tough without a gym to call home. Recent financial hardship has not allowed me to personally train with Chris Cormier as much as I would have liked to this year but I am very fortunate to be coached by one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time. Without the help of his online training program there would be no results. In a recent posing session with Chris at Venice Gold’s Gym he advised me to keep moving forward in a frustrated conversation I had with him about not competing in the USA. We have been preparing for almost two years and this experience is necessary to go pro. My goal is to win the light-heavyweight class and compete for the overall. The runner-up and overall champion are awarded pro cards.

9 weeks out by rippedvixen
I am looking forward to a leg workout with Chris on Wednesday at the mecca. My quads have always been a weaker body part and it has been extremely difficult building a quad sweep. One of my aesthetic goals in the beginning stages of bodybuilding was to sculpt a “tear-drop” in each lower thigh area above the knee. After about three years of dedicating my workouts to leg extensions the separations finally started to appear. My glutes and hamstrings have always been strong thanks to good genes. I was blessed with a big ass that remains plump and round even during contest season. Hopefully my conditioning will bring out some visible striations on stage since cardio workouts have increased to almost ninety minutes a day. This competitive sport is not easy and it requires a huge commitment. Most people could not sacrifice what I have for my passion of bodybuilding, but the hunger and drive to improve myself physically and mentally will never cease. Performing is an outlet to display my fine art! If female bodybuilding dies there will be no stage for us to compete on. Please support our craft and check out Too Big For The World, a documentary about the possible extinction of women’s bodybuilding.




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