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Zack Khan – The King of Queens

Zack Khan is not only widely revered for his balls-to-the-wall training style and impressive recoveries from serious injuries. His ‘King’ moniker also includes being one sick motherfucker when it comes to the ladies and we felt compelled to tap into that resource to wind down from all of the bodybuilding talk.


“Most girls who are hot are fuckin’ useless lazy bitches in bed,” Khan said with a laugh. “What the fuck?  They all want ‘Mr. Grey,’ but can’t even take a finger up their bottom!”

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When it comes to female grooming, Khan prefers a well-trimmed style of pubic hair. “I like the ‘landing strip’ so I know where I’m gonna slide my pee pee. Fuck the hairy bush, bitch! My pee pee would get lost and I’ll need a GPS to find it. Shaved is nice until you look at it and it reminds you of a plucked turkey on Thanksgiving.”


As far as what is his preferred receptacle, Khan would rather have a three-input woman. “Every fuckin’ hole is a goal. Sometimes I like the pussy…pussy, then ass, then back to pussy and then mouth to clean it up. The there are times when I like the mouth first, then the pussy slow, then fast, then back to slow, then fast again and then the ass. Stay there until hitting the money shot in her mouth!


Sex is meant to be dirty – if it’s dome right! They call me cunt, but like I say – you are what you eat!



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