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IFBB International ‘Pedophilia’ Divisions

No one can blame Great Britain for exiting the European Union after seeing what took place recently at the 2016 IFBB World Children Fitness Championship in Novi Sad, Serbia. Yes, there is an entire show dedicated to parading half-naked children (male and female) on stage for the pleasure of adults…perhaps some more than others.

Surely this is totally innocent and not intended for pedophiles to get off on. But the entire thing is morally wrong and eclipses the fit model divisions, with which the IFBB seemed too have hit rock bottom. But never say never when it comes to the international federation that will visit the gutter for a dollar.

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To be clear, this contest is a part of the IFBB international amateur schedule and not either the NPC or IFBB Professional League’s.

There were seven separate divisions with one including girls as young as five or six years of age. Here is the breakdown:

*Fitness Boys (up to 12 years) team-9

*Fitness Boys (13-15 years)

*Fitness Girls (up to 7 years)

*Fitness Girls (8-9 years)

*Fitness Girls (10-11 years)

*Fitness Girls (12-13 years)

*Fitness Girls (14-15 years)

Many of these divisions had numerous competitors, numbering in the twenties. It was not as if this was just some novelty filler class. Quite the contrary, this was a full-blown competition for grade school children to prance and pose wearing skimpy clothing in front of judges and audience members. They were placed and the top six in each division received trophies after three scoring rounds.


If someone wants to have their kids jumping around in a tu-tu, then enter them in your local gymnastics center. A stage that is used for adults showing their wares at fitness/physique competitions with an overall sexual connotation (especially with the females) is no place for little kids, especially when the object is too wear as little clothing as possible. team-10

Any parent that disagrees with this needs to take stock of themselves and what they perceive as right and wrong. There is no doubt that having your child’s photos and videos posted online for every registered sex offender to see and potentially masturbate to is neglectful or worse.

This is the awful reality television show “Toddlers and Tiaras” on steroids, if you will.

All of the divisions included rounds for routine and ‘swimsuit’ comparisons, much like the any other federation would hold for its fitness category. Garish costumes were aplenty for boys and girls alike and the one saving grace was that the swimsuits for both sexes were not of the thong variety.


Seeing kindergarten age little girls with pigtails wearing competitor numbers while holding a bikini/figure pose and doing quarter turns to the right is douche chill-inducing. Even posting these photos for this story made us feel quite uncomfortable, to be truthful. 365a52dd7b5578d55fffecab8e7017df

We have said it before and have to say it again – the IFBB is a money-hungry organization that will do anything for a buck.

The physique and fitness world is no place for children and this is not a sport like soccer and baseball where playing at the pee wee level is cute. This is disgusting and an embarrassment for the entire industry.

And this is not the first time that this show was held, either. 2016 was the SEVENTH time that the IFBB has put this spectacle on. As stated on IFBB.com, this is called an “important event” with “more and more children” who are the sport’s “future champions.” Novi Sad has had the ‘pleasure’ of hosting this event in each of the last five years, thus gaining the moniker the “world capital of children’s fitness” on the league’s official website.


MuscleSport Magazine has requested a comment from IFBB President Dr. Rafael Santoja. As of this writing, the request has not been answered.


Photos: Courtesy of East Labs.sk/Facebook


  1. Bryn

    July 16, 2016 at 3:09 am

    This is a disgrace of an article. Those kids are doing gymnastics. And to relate this to pedofiles….you really stoop low in this biased article. In Serbia sports and fitness is a big thing. Unlike USA and UK where kids are on Xbox or in the park drinking alcohol at 13 or pregnant before 16 years old. These kids are not forced onto stage they want to perform. They are talented. I don’t see you writing about Britains got talent when kids dress up and dance. This is not a bodybuilding Contest for kids. It’s a performance contest just the bodybuilding poses is for fun. It’s meant to be fun and the kids love it

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  5. Joe Pietaro

    July 20, 2016 at 8:47 pm

    @Bryn – Thanks for your input. While I disagree with your assessment, you are certainly entitled to it and we don’t censor any comments on this site. What pissed me off personally as a parent is the ‘smash’ pose the little girls are doing – the one where they stick their asses out for the judges. The little gymnastics-type routines are all well and good and what we took exception to was the ‘swimsuit’ round of this show. That’s not just for fun and if you don’t think that some wackjob isn’t jerking off to videos and photos of this, you have your head in the sand.

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  7. Kalle P

    July 27, 2016 at 9:22 am

    “No one can blame Great Britain for exiting the European Union….” Lol, Serbia is not a member of the European Union… But hey, don’t let facts get in the way of your political agenda… Trump never does…

  8. Joe Pietaro

    July 27, 2016 at 10:15 am

    I am fully aware that Serbia is not part of the EU. It was merely written in jest to speak about something that was in the news recently. And what does Mr. Trump have to do with that or anything else in this article?

  9. Sar

    November 26, 2016 at 4:32 pm

    It’s sad to see that two women are defending this “sport” and to stoop to a level of mocking the writer by comparing his intelligence to Trump (I’m even offended on his behalf). I think you’re bringing something to light (with this article); in addition to how this organization is contributing to eating disorders worldwide. Anyhow, just trolling, thank you for writing this.

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