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Husband & Wife Pregnancy Workout with TNA Impact! Wrestler Robbie E & Tara Strauss

TNA Impact! Wrestling’s Robbie E and his wife Tara share with our readers their couples fitness program during her pregnancy. She is expecting twins in November and their story is a very unique one, indeed.
1 – How long have you and your wife been married? 
My wife Tara and I have been together for over 10 years and married for almost a year. Life is great.
2 – What is her background as far as athletics go? You mentioned that she is a master trainer in the body pump.  


Where do I start with her credentials? LOL. She has a zillion certifications in all different aspects of fitness, including being a Master Trainer for Les Mills! Robbie E wife 2
3 – How does being on the road as a pro wrestler interfere with the everyday aspects of marriage?  
We have been together so long that she is pretty used to me being away. I think she enjoys it sometimes as I tend to get a little too much. I’d want get rid of me, too.
4 – What was both of your reactions upon finding out that the pregnancy was twins?
Well, it was like a movie scene. When that doctor flipped the screen around and said there was twins, both of our jaws dropped. She cried of happiness; I shrieked of fear. LOL. But we are so blessed and happy. Go big or go home.
5 – Describe the workout that the two of you do together?
Lately we have been doing a lot of kayaking together off our dock at home in New Jersey. Great upper body workout. I also take her body pump class regularly.
6 – How much and how will it be altered as the pregnancy progresses and at what point before the due date in November will it stop? Robbie E wife 3
That really is a play-by-play in the hands of the doctors. But my wife is a hard worker and it’s difficult to keep her down.
7 – Once the babies are born, what type of workout plan will you and her do together?
Besides curling the babies? LOL. I’m sure we will both resume our normal workouts and throw in some extra cardio in walking the babies!
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