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AMI’s David Pecker Trump Administration Material?

Copies of FLEX and Muscle & Fitness may be sitting around the White House if a report in the July 20 edition of the New York Post is accurate. David Pecker, the Chief Executive Officer of AMI (who publish the industry titles formerly owned by Joe Weider, as well as the National Enquirer and Star), is a Donald Trump supporter and his tabloids have been giving the GOP presidential nominee extremely positive coverage while bashing his rival on the left, Hillary Clinton.

In all fairness, that type of coverage is not so hard to comprehend, as the Democrat nominee is a treasure trove of negativity, all by her own doing.

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Pecker would be offered a “coveted international post” as an “ambassador” in the Trump administration, should the real estate mogul win the general election in November, according to the Post. But this has ben refuted by Pecker through his spokesman.

Since the pro-Trump/anti-Clinton covers have appeared, newsstand sales have increased by 23 percent. “That is the only poll data that I care about,” Pecker said.


Since AMI bought their way into the bodybuilding industry, they have had their fair share of criticism, with Pecker being the focus of that. But he is a smart businessman and has been able to float the dying titles like FLEX and M&F because of the steady stream of sales from the Enquirer.


The landscape of the mainstream media is extremely liberal and Pecker has been able to capture the demographic that is sick and tired of the likes of the New York Times by being the one large company that reports from the other side of the political argument.

For that alone, he deserves a nice position of influence.

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