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Don’t Overlook Magnesium

Joe Pietaro

We all have those days when you just can’t seem to stop yawning and even that second cup of coffee doesn’t seem to do the trick. Well, skipping a third or an energy drink and grabbing a banana or bowl of oatmeal may better serve you.


That’s right – these types of foods (and many others) contain magnesium, which is a very important but frequently overlooked mineral. It is very important for your body in a number of ways, but the two that seem to head the list for gym rats are the production and transport of energy and the production of protein, which you know will help you in building muscle.



The recommended daily amounts are easily attainable in foods that should already be a part of your regular diet (such as brown rice) and are around 400 milligrams for an adult male and 100 or so less for females.



So add these items to your grocery shopping list:


1 – Banana (32 mg of magnesium)

2 – Kidney Beans (70 mg per cup)

3 – Black beans (120 mg per cup)

4 – Whole Wheat Bread (23 mg per slice) – you can prepare your own whole grain bread with finest bread machine at home to get health benefits of grains without compromising the taste of bread.

5 – Brown Rice (84 mg per cup)


6 – Lentils (72 mg per cup)

7 – Oatmeal (61 mg per cup)

8 – Quinoa (118 mg per cup)

9 – Raisin Bran (77 mg per cup)

10 – Spinach (156 mg per cup)

11 – Shredded Wheat (61 mg per cup)


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