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The Life of an IFBB Pro

Ripped Vixen began competing as a female bodybuilder 10 years ago in Boston, Massachusetts. She now lives in Los Angeles and recently won her light-heavyweight division at the USA earning a well deserved pro card! It has been her life-long dream to be a professional athlete.
Along this journey, she has been busy promoting to save the dying sport of women’s bodybuilding. The stage no longer exists on an amateur level and was removed from international events like the Olympia and Arnold Classic. A newer division called Physique, which the Vixen desperately competed in as her only local option, has replaced it. Head judges told her the reason for taking 12th place was that she carried way too much muscle for its class. Instead of sacrificing 10 years of hard-earned muscle to appease the National Physique Committee’s (NPC) judges’ request, she built more mass over this six-month journey and entered her first pro qualifying show as a bodybuilder.
Ripped Vixen stage 1
Not only did she accomplish her goal of winning the light-heavyweight class, but this also gave her professional status. Ripped had never previously won an NPC contest throughout her decade of competing on both coasts within the same federation. She knew the one detail that would guarantee victory was her immense conditioning and focused on getting shredded to the bone during preparations with one of the best guru’s in the history of bodybuilding.
Ripped Vixen stage 2
After returning from Las Vegas, there was little time for her to celebrate the double win because she immediately traveled to Florida for a three-day photo shoot with the best photographer in the female bodybuilding industry, Robert Masino, filming breath-taking footage for Muscle Pin Ups and her clips for sale website. The ironic occurrence was that, for the first time in her competitive career, Ripped Vixen peaked perfectly on stage without any help. She mastered the complicated “peak-week” diet alone from learning her body so well because of previous failures. Ripped Vixen skates 1
The NPC USA was treated as a warm-up occurrence for this shoot as she continued to strictly diet. Her body continued to get leaner after each modeling day of constant flexing and posing for the camera. She has never appeared this amazingly shredded with abdominals popping out of her tiny waist. Even the glute muscles tied into her hamstrings, which seemed impossible to achieve. Her quad muscles were separated, veiny, and feathered! Ripped genuinely lives the bodybuilding lifestyle everyday of her blessed life and the necessary training proves that commitment. She also epitomizes the name of being a naughty Vixen.
Photos courtesy of Ripped Vixen

After graduating on the Dean’s List, Ripped Vixen missed that competitive edge she has known her whole life. All that time invested in the gym inspired RV to become a personal trainer. She truly developed a passion for health and fitness.  Shortly after acquiring a NASM certification she started her own business personal training.  Eight years later, the muscle queen resides in Los Angeles training celebrities for a living.  Ripped has fulfilled her dream as a professional bodybuilder in Southern California working out at Gold’s Gym Venice!  This is when the growth process really started to change and you could see her physique morph drastically. Fans have inspired Mistress Ripped Vixen to show off her ripped body by performing live on webcam. She flexes her oiled muscles wearing a thong bikini or sexy lingerie.  Check out her show times by following @RippedVixen on Twitter!

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