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Cannibal Far From a Bodybuilder

Bodybuilders get a bum rap in the mainstream media enough so there is no need to try and pin a fuckin’ cannibal as one in a national news story. In August, a 19-year-old committed a horrible double murder of a Florida couple and also stabbed a Good Samaritan who came to their aid. The wackjob FSU student bit off part of the husband’s face and was allegedly using the hallucinogenic drug flakka.


Judging by the YouTube video Austin Harrouff posted a few days before his savage rampage, he was anything but a bodybuilder. The kid was soft as dog shit melting in the sun and actually had the balls to say, “I no longer want to follow Arnold or any other bodybuilder; I want to follow myself. I want to learn from other bodybuilders, but I just know that they’re not me. I don’t need drugs. Do you think that steroids are natural? I think that steroids really aren’t for me.”

Last we checked, guys who juice don’t stab strangers to death and try to eat their faces. So Harrouff apparently decided on the wrong drug to use.


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