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Q&A with Ripped Vixen

1: How did you get the name the Ripped Vixen?


For as long as I can remember, going back to my teenage years, I have had washboard abs with a full six-pack. My athletic body has always been muscular and ripped from playing sports my entire life. I was the only four-year-old girl on my tee ball team and have been playing sports ever since, including two NCAA athletic teams in college. Throughout grade school I played softball and basketball into high school along with ten years of field hockey. While earning a psychology degree the Vixen in me came out not soon enough around the time I started cocktail waitressing in a strip club. I had to wait until my eighteenth birthday to be allowed in that environment but it changed my whole perspective on life. The fully nude club served lots of alcohol and I made really good tip money, sometimes more than the dancers.


2: For those not too familiar with you, explain your road to becoming a bodybuilder. 


My dad was a bodybuilder and had been teaching me how to lift since I was fifteen years old! It really helped my speed and conditioning in college athletics when I took a strength training program more seriously after accessing the best coaches and necessary resources like team trainers and the modern gym facilities.

After graduating with a 3.7 GPA on the Dean’s List almost every semester, I became the manager of a well-known health and wellness retail store and learned all about sports nutrition. Since I was born in a place where bodybuilding is popular because it was the original residence as four-time Mr. Olympia winner Jay Cutler, a figure athlete approached me about competing. My first show was eighteen months later when I placed second in Open Women’s Bodybuilding.


3: Was/Are there any other female or male bodybuilders that inspire you?


Many other female bodybuilders inspired me to become Ripped Vixen. I always looked up to Denise Masino. We have met on numerous occasions at local gyms. The fact that I modeled for one of her websites recently was a dream come true! Another fbb that motivated me to start the modeling business was Brandi Mae. I recently met for the first time backstage at the USA in Las Vegas. Other women in the bodybuilding industry continuously fascinate me like the massively conditioned physiques of Robin Triple Dee, Helle Trevino, and Irene Andersen who I am fortunate to call my friends.


4: What is a weekly workout for you? Does it change by month?


Months prior to my show, I was performing two hours of cardio everyday in addition to my weight training and posing sessions. It would take a total of five daily hours to complete my necessary workouts. On average, thirty-five hours of my time every week was spent occupied in the gym! It’s almost like having a full-time job however, it never seemed like work to me. The past decade I have been pursuing my passion of becoming a professional athlete in competitive bodybuilding. My training changes by season, whereas in the summer months, I like to stay conditioned for photo-shoots especially after getting shredded for a show. Since I am from New England where layers of warm clothing are survival necessities, the bulking season for me always begins when the temperatures drop. I like to add as much mass as possible during the winter and really focus on packing on the muscle when I am not preparing for a contest.


5: Any competitions coming up? If so, what stage of prep are in you in right now?


I successfully earned a pro card and won my light-heavyweight division at the NPC USA recently in Las Vegas after completing a twenty-four week bodybuilding preparation this year. It was a national pro-qualifying event that is one of the biggest amateur competitions in the country. My only goal was to win first place in my class so professional status was icing on the cake!


6: Now on to some of your fetish work. What do you enjoy the most about it?


I have always dreamed of being a model but was always told that my height was too short or I wasn’t pretty enough. Modeling is the reward for months of consistent hard work that it takes for me to get in this kind of shape congruent with competing. Most photographers only shoot athletes when they are in contest shape so it really helps to get compensated after spending a fortune on my competitive hobby. I also receive all the content available for downloads on my clips for sale studio:


7: If someone were checking out your clips4sale page, what would you say is your most popular video?


Ironically, my videos with big beautiful women (BBW) or super-sized, big beautiful women (SSBBW) models sell the most. I guess people like to see the body comparisons because it has never been done before. Plus the SSBBW models are rare because the weight classification is a minimum of three hundred pounds!


8: Is there any particular fetish you’d like to try that you haven’t just yet?


YES! I have been practicing my dominatrix skills on webcam but have been anxiously waiting to try the femdom fetish in real life! It feels so powerful to use my strong big muscles on scrawny, weak men during muscle worship sessions like scissor-holds, wrestling, and mixed boxing which I have some experience with.


9: I’ve seen you shoot for some sites likes KrivsStudio and ILoveFemaleMuscle. Any other sites you plan to work with soon?


I recently modeled my best work with Robert Masino for  I’ve also shot with Buzz Aziani for as well as Brian Moss for and


10: Back to the fitness aspect. Is there a size you’d like to achieve?


It seems impossible but I have always strived to be 175 pounds. The closest my 5’ 3” frame got was 168 in offseason shape.



11: Let’s say you were given a remote that you could change your body with, and no limits. How big would you go?


If I could go shopping at the Mall of Muscles with unlimited funds, my quad sweep would be so big, I would never be able to fit in pants, which is fine by me because I love wearing shorts and mini-skirts out here in Los Angeles where the weather permits that daily attire. My shoulders would be so massive it would look like eighties-style shoulder pads were sewn into every shirt! Pectoral muscles would double over like the humps of a camel’s back and my biceps would peak like mountains. Not to mention my already huge ass and sculpted hamstrings. I would have legs for days.


  1. 12. Talk about your physical training and the services you offer?


My ten years of experience in personal fitness has earned celebrity status by training a dozen of them here in Los Angeles. I specialize in weight-loss, muscle building, contest preparations, stretch and massage therapies. I have been offering online training services since 2009 and can be contacted via email by those serious about getting in shape:


13: Any upcoming things you’d like to talk about?


The premier of “Too Big for the World” in Beverly Hills on September 23rd is a documentary about our dying sport of women’s bodybuilding. The stage no longer exists on an amateur level and was removed from international events like the Olympia and Arnold Classic. A newer division for narrow, more petite athletes has replaced it. Professional female bodybuilders like me don’t get paid nearly as much as men do. Unfortunately it is much harder for us to get sponsorship opportunities or earn any money in our career. This causes us to perform as adult models just so we can financially pursue our passion that we have sacrificed everything for. The cycle of judgment causes society to frown upon us for this niche that pays for food and basic necessities contributing to the bodybuilding lifestyle. Visit for more info!


14: How can fans reach you around the web?


Go to my website: or email for serious inquires only! Google “Ripped Vixen” to find me on every social media site available along with some other pirated content like the authentic orgasm I had during my first cybian ride!


15: Lastly, anything to say to your fans new and old?


Subscribe to my exclusive snapchat account on for the best explicit content only accessible to my friends who join! I constantly update snaps with fully nude ab checks every morning, big clit pics, and naked videos daily! It is well worth the minimal membership!


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