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Helle Trevino – Diary of a Female Bodybuilder (Pt. 3)

EDITOR’S NOTE: MuscleSport Magazine is honored to present to you the second installment of a series we will be running by IFBB pro Helle Trevino. The female bodybuilder is in contest prep mode for the Wings of Strength Rising Phoenix Women’s Bodybuilding World Championship that will take place on September 10 in Arizona.
Time has just been flying by. I’ve been so immersed in my prep and just have been focusing on one day at a time, making it better than the day before – or at least just as good – work ethic wise, discipline wise and focus wise. I’ve been working very hard this year on bringing the necessary improvements to my physique and I’m more than pleased with the result. I’m super excited to show everybody my new physique.
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YES, I’m bringing a new look. Streamlined, symmetrical dense muscle shapes with a lot of detail, cuts and separations. I’ve never seen myself like this. It’s been a crazy transformation. A lot of props goes to my coach Chris Aceto. He’s on his game. He’s been on me for almost a year. Every day.  IMG_2155
I’ve worked harder than ever. But I like to work hard and I like a challenge. Chris likes hard workers and he likes a challenge, so its been pretty much a match made in heaven lol. He has understood how to read my body. It’s only going to get better from here on.
After placing second at last year’s Rising Phoenix, I took minimal time off after the show. I signed with Aceto almost immediately. I was hungry. I wanted to come back next year and DESTROY my competition. I wanted to win without a shadow of a doubt. I wanted to be impressive. I wanted to be the new standart for bodybuilding 2017 – being IMPRESSIVE as a bodybuilder should be, with a high degree of muscularity and conditioning AND a super feminine look. Muscular IS the new sexy! Have I obtained that look? I’ll let it be up to the judges and you fans to answer that question, but that’s my definition of a female bodybuilder 2017.
Come out and watch me and 17 other of the greatest female bodybuilders in the world compete for the title as the BEST female bodybuilder in the world. It used to be called Ms. Olympia, now the competition is called Rising Phoenix World Championships. It’s held in Scottdale, Arizona on September 10th. This is a show you DONT want to miss if you love bodybuilding. Aside from the impressive line-up of female pro athletes of all categories, there’s going to be free seminars, expo and an opportunity to meet the athletes personally. Come out, cheer me on and let’s have fun together!
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My good friend IFBB Pro Irene Andersen & I. We will both be on stage in Phoenix. Come meet us. At the Olympia weekend the movie Too big for the World will have its premiere! It’s the female version of generation Iron. Irene, myself, Legend Lenda Murray and many others are starring in the movie! Don’t miss the premiere! More info:
Be sure to visit Hell Trevino’s official website and follow her on InstagramFacebook and YouTube. Snapchat: HelleTrevino
Helle Trevino Irene Anderson

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