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From Pain to Glory

By Tyra Renaud – We all face heart break and changes in our lives; bodybuilders and fitness lovers are no different. I know that a lot of people believe that most of those out their built like brick shit houses or with amazing beach bodies where simply born like that and their lives are just awesome.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but not everyone is born looking magazine-ready. There are many of us that are turning our out of shape overweight bodies into those beach-ready, brick shit houses. And if you think that we don’t face that ice cream eating heartbreak, then once again you’re sadly mistaken.

In my case, I’m 30 years old with a great education, bad ass friends in the amazing world of bodybuilding and I even get asked for my autograph at fitness expos. Great life, right? I wish! The truth is in the last eight months, I have gone through a divorce, lost my home, went into debt and battled illness. Life just outright sucked! I hit rock bottom and wondered if I should even keep living. I never felt so lost… alone in my life, bodybuilding and my law enforcement career. Well, why would those matter?

Honestly they didn’t; I was truly on the edge of life and didn’t give a damn about anything. On July 13th, I would even have tumors and my gallbladder removed. Now that was a new type of pain. I came to after surgery screaming in pain and that was my wake up call. So what does that mean, you may be asking right now. I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself. That is where I started.

As the month of September arrived, I am 45 pounds lighter, back in the gym and working in corrections. My fitness journey has just started and my suck it up 5%er mentality is in full effect. So for all you out there going through a crappy time, losing faith or just in need of a little motivation, please stay tuned. I am going to walk you through going from hospital bed to correctional officer fit and beyond.  Are you ready?!

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