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Anabolic Steroid Profile: Anavar (Oxandralone)

By Leigh Penman – This is part of a continuing series provided exclusively by MuscleSport Mag giving information on a variety of performance-enhancing drugs for educational purposes. While it is apparent that people are going to use these substances regardless of the health and legal risks involved, quality information is necessary and learning as much about them as possible can only assist an adult making a decision either way.

Anavar is one of those drugs that have attained cult status amongst athletes over the years. It has also become relatively hard to find and also fairly pricey. This puts it high on the ‘purchase it while you can and keep it stashed away’ list for many bodybuilders.

Anavar is also an extremely popular drug amongst female athletes who wish to avoid many of the side effects associated with anabolic steroid use (but more of that later).


Anavars near legendary status is due to the fact that it causes a strong strength gain without increasing water retention. It does this by stimulating the creation of phosphocreatine in the muscle cell without depositing water in either the joints or the muscles. Powerlifters often choose to combine Anavar with Halotestin to foster the strength and aggression required in their sport.

Another notable bonus with Anavar use is that this compound does not aromatize at any level. This provides the athlete with many benefits since it allows for a very hard and ripped appearance to evolve – making it the number one pre-contest drug. Another asset pre-contest is the fact that many users have noticed a distinct suppression of appetite whilst on the drug. Athletes preparing for a contest who are interested in gaining quality muscle would be advised to combine Anavar with steroids such as Winstrol, Parabolan, Primabolan Depot and Testosterone Propionate (check out these products elsewhere on our site). In this respect, a stack of Winstrol 50mg every two days, 50mg Testosterone Propionate every two days, and 25mg Anavar every day has proven to be very effective.

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It is important to point out that Anavar is a 17 alpha alkylated oral steroid – an alteration that does put extra stress on the liver. However, despite this fact it is important to point out that Anavar is usually very well tolerated and whilst an elevation in liver enzymes is generally noted during use, actual damage to the liver is not usually a problem. It appears that Anavar is not as extensively metabolized by the liver as other 17 alpha alkylated orals.However this is not a green flag to allow you to take huge amounts of this drug, since side effects are always dose related.

Men: 20- 50mg/day
Women: 5- 15mg/day

Tablets are normally taken two to three times daily after a meal to ensure optimum absorption. This prevents the occurrence of gastrointestinal disturbances which some individuals may experience with this drug. The nausea, bloating and diarrhea sometimes encountered with Anavar use is due to its effect on the activity of the gastrointestinal tract. If you suffer these effects you may wish to try administering the drug one to two hours after a meal.

Primobolan and Winstrol are often stacked with Anavar in order to achieve a harder, more defined look without water retention. Male athletes may also stack Anavar with strong non-aromatizing compounds like Halotestin, Pro-viron or Trenbolone.
Some athletes also choose to utilize Anavar in traditional bulking cycles, stacking it with Dianabol or Testosterone. The goal here would be a gain of strength to accompany the bulk gains facilitated with D-bol and Test.

Women who wish to avoid the masculinizing effects of many steroids are often very happy with the results obtained on moderate dosages of Anavar. In this case a dose of 5mg day should produce significant growth without side effects. Less cautious females may combine Anavar with Winstrol, Primobolan or Deca Durabolin for faster, more pronounced muscle building effects. This may also increase the likelihood of androgenic build up and – if this is a concern – drugs should be discontinued on the first signs of masculinization (e.g. deepening of voice or increasing hoarseness, accelerated body hair growth -particularly on the face)

Leigh Penman, in addition to be a staff writer at MuscleSport Mag, has been writing for bodybuilding magazines, websites and nutritional supplement companies since 1985. Whilst residing in the UK, she earned the reputation of being one of the top female writers in bodybuilding-related media. Her credits included being a contributing editor on all the magazines in production as well as filling the shoes of Ladies Editor and Showbiz Editor on two publications (the later being on Arnold’s sanctioned magazine, ‘Bodypower’). During this time she also competed successfully on four occasions (placing in the top four in all contests).

Relocating to New York in the late 1990s she focused her writing attention to crystal healing techniques and metaphysics – however, she still maintained a five day workout schedule during this time and gained her personal training certificate.

Having also studied pharmacology in relation to sports performance, her writing began taking her in that direction until the present day which sees her embarking on a return to the magazine world, as well as extending her web-related work in the bodybuilding and fitness field.

Leigh has been working out for close to thirty years so she is clearly a writer who ‘walks her talk.’
She can be contacted personally at or you can also check her out at New York’s favorite metaphysical store


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