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Friday Olympia Thoughts

Andrzej Jaworski/AJ JAWA Photo

Just a quick post about some of the observations made from the action at the Olympia on Friday evening:

*Kevin Levrone looks as if he did the best that he can, but at 52 and after 13 years away from bodybuilding, it is blatantly apparent that he is not going to be a factor here. If he gets a top-six placing, it will be a gesture by the judges.

*Phil Heath has once again done his job and will deservedly walk out with his sixth consecutive Sandow. Hard to knock anything with his physique.

*The same holds true for Dexter Jackson, who may very well be the bridesmaid again like last year. Nothing to hang his head about, though, as Heath is just better.

*It appears that Shawn Rhoden will once again have to settle for third or possibly second. He looks great, as usual, and his waist looks better than last year.

*The future looks bright fir Nathan De Asha, who impressed mightily at the prejudging. He probably will have to bide his time to get a top-six, especially with the veteran depth in this line-up.

*Another name to look out for is Josh Lenartowicz, who also came to play and not worry about how talented the field is.

*Those photos making their way around the Internet were not lying. Roelly Winklaar is simply humongous and looks great. How will that translate onto the judge’s scoring cards remains to be seen.

*Cedric McMillan looks to be on point. A very impressive physique and he should be a factor in the top six or higher.

*The thing that made Big Ramy stand out was his massiveness. Yes, he still has it, but toned it down a bit in an attempt at coming in more conditioned. Not sure if that totally worked looking at him now compared to last year.

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