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NPC Bikini Competitor Nikki Hughes

Courtesy of Nikki Hughes

Compiled by Tim Tibbs – “Do all things with confidence.” This is a motto I’ve recently adopted as I’ve begun my journey as an NPC bikini competitor.

I’m Nikki Hughes, 27, and I started my fitness journey two years go when I woke up and decided that I was tired of being tired. I had taken up running as a hobby during the fall and spring months, but really need something else to kick me into gear for the rest of the year. I began an at-home workout program from Beachbody (Focus T25) and it changed my life! I fell in love with fitness and even started dabbling in weight training, as per the workouts. I have since completed various other programs, as well – Insanity Max:30 and P90X3. Sharing my journey through social media has inspired many others to join me, as well. Nikki_Hughes_2
Earlier this year (May 2016), I decided to just dive head-first into a bikini competition. A friend of mine did one about two years ago and I needed a new challenge and a new goal. I found my awesome coach, Kris Wyman, who has been phenomenal at preparing me for the stage. Again, I decided to share my journey through social media and I even decided to launch a blog to help others start their fitness journey, as well:
I’m slowly building my “Fierce Crew” of ladies who are starting their journeys, just as I did two years ago. I love motivating them and seeing them get one step closer to their goals every step of the way!

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