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Why Did You Start Working Out? Bring Back Those Early Principles

When things begin to get more difficult by the day, take a step back and remember why and what got you there in the first place. Most of us started working out with weights our first or second year of high school and we did so for a number of reasons. The most likely one was to get better at whatever sport(s) you were playing at the time. A close second was to look more appealing to the opposite sex. As a teenager, the last thing that you were concerned with was your health and conditioning and that had no bearing on why you lifted those weights.

Getting that recognition will in all likelihood result in receiving that sweet gift from your significant other.

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But now as we age, things have changed more than we care to admit. For the vast majority of us, playing team sports is a thing of the past and if we do suit up for…let’s say, beer league arc softball, how strong you are on the bench press or squat means absolutely nothing. So that leaves us with looking better to get more ass. You probably are married with children by now so your ‘market value’ is down from where it once was. But does that mean you should turn into a bag of shit for your spouse?


Absolutely not and the fringe benefits are two-fold: you will have a much better sex life at home because you will look better, feel better and – if you diet and exercise regularly – get your natural testosterone levels up. Still not enough for you? Then go to your doctor, have him run a complete blood test on you and maybe you’re also a candidate for testosterone replacement therapy. But that’s another story.

So the looking good for women (or men, depending on…) is kind of the same strategy, but you may still need more convincing if you’re a hard case. What you have to do is replace the sports angle with the health one. You didn’t give a shit about it back then (as we already established) but you can no longer walk through walls. So make being healthy your ‘sport,’ if you will.


You will never be 18 again and may never look the part, either. But you can always pretend and if you don’t have to imagine it all, half the battle is won.

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