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NPC Bikini Competitor Amanda Cardoso

Courtesy o Amanda Cardoso

The moment I began frequenting the gym, I was a normal gym girl at 17 years young that went to Zumba classes and cardio machines four times  a week. But I had no guts to take my body to the next level by having a mindset of a typical low esteem gym person who thought lifting weights would make me ‘manly.’ I partied like normal teenagers do every weekend, ate junk food all day and still was a fat/skinny girl at 118 pounds.

When I was 18, I fully paid attention when I saw a coach teaching poses to a figure athlete who was getting ready for a competition. All of a sudden, I would fantasize about the beautiful suit diamonds and physique that the girl wore. After that day, I did research on coaches, dieting and utilities that I needed to become a competitor, but it wasn’t as simple as expected. Family and friends did not agree about the choice I’ve made by throwing negative feedback towards the sports and making myths that bodybuilding was all about steroids. That did not stop me from moving forward.

Soon thereafter, I found a coach who helped me with the dieting (which definitely made reach a plateau for not being used to eat what I wanted). As I progressed, my body looked so different from when I started. Within a few weeks of my first show, I felt so impressed and grateful for dealing with all those mood swings, late night trainings, constant cardio and nonstop meal preps.

All of that was a crazy journey that I was in love with it and considered as my new passion into the fitness world, being on stage and from there focus on what it was necessary to make me stronger mentally and physically chasing that pro card.

Now at 21, bodybuilding is a passion that no one could ever take away from me. It’s an addiction in my blood to go all out, stay focused and not care of what others say.

I’m a full time college student, work a part time job, train/diet six times a week and won’t make an excuse to stop. One important rule that I tell those who questioned me about how I keep up with all of this and stay motivated to keep going is simple: Find something that gives you pleasure to feel happy with yourself and stay surrounded by people who are there to cheer and applaud you for your amazing achievement. It’s all mental if you’re willing to change to be the best and not average. I want to thank Mix It Up Sports and Muscle Sport Magazine.

Name: Amanda Cardoso

Ethnicity: Brazilian
Federation: NPC Bikini Competitor

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