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Patriots Keep Winning as Affleck Bemoans Brady Ban

William J. Hauser

If there’s something almost guaranteed in the NFL, it is that the New England Patriots will keep winning in the face of adversity.

The Patriots have started 3-0 this season with two young quarterbacks in place of suspended star Tom Brady, after the deflategate controversy.

Six-time Super Bowl champion Bill Belichick just refuses to lay down and surrender.

Bill Parcells, won two Super Bowls as New York Giants coach, and recently said the recent start didn’t surprise him: “One of Bill’s great strengths is to take what he has momentarily, figure out who he’s playing against, and then devise something that gives his team the best chance to be successful against the opponent — that week, in that moment.”

All this in the face of Brady’s absence. Known football fan Ben Affleck recently shared his views on the controversy calling it a “ridiculous smear campaign” in an explosive rant calling it the most outrageous sports injustice.

Many thought Brady’s ban would ruin New England’s chance of making the post-season, but far from it – they remain one of the favourites with sports fans. Affleck isn’t averse to sticking his neck out on the poker table too, the Batman star is famous for his poker skills and is a quality player of the game. Click here to find out how it works, and how to sharpen your skills on online poker like Affleck.

Affleck may have a point when it comes to Brady’s ban. But it hasn’t affected the Patriots for a few reasons.

Belichick is simply one of, if not the best coach in the history of the game and has answers to all the questions opposing teams throw at him.

There is also a very low turnover of staff at the Gillette Stadium, so when a crisis occurs, they solve from within with a talent that has already been entrenched into the Patriots’ system.

The final factor is history and expectation. There is just simply no option other than winning in New England with their expectant fans.

With Brady on his way back, expect the Patriots to push on and keeping winning.

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