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Sex Advice – In the Ladies Locker Room

Courtesy of Muscle Girl Flix

Sex & Relationship Advice from the Locker Room
You ask. Fitness athletes answer. Get your sex advice and more here. Jill Jaxen has the Scoop!

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Here’s a little teaser of the full post from our friends over at Muscle Girl Let’s face it – all guys are horny bastards and we are either having sex, thinking about it or jerking off wishing we were getting blown or laid. But even with all of that self-service practice, men have a ton of questions how to make their women enjoy it better so they get more ass! Going directly to the source, Muscle Girl Flix picks the brains of hot fit chicks for the million dollar answers. Their “Sex Advice – In the Locker Room” series is a gold mine.]

Q – My girlfriend thinks I should be more spontaneous. What can I do to surprise her?

A – Everything that you wouldn’t “normally” do and that’s out of character for YOU. That is how you can surprise her. Ask her what her fantasies are and what she wants and then work on making those fantasies a reality when she LEAST expects it. You guys earn bonus points when you actually listen to us!


Q – I love looking at girls with muscle online but my girlfriend hates it. Is there anything I can tell her to make her feel better about this?

A – Tell her to get some muscle so you can look at her, too! Just kidding… Not really. If she doesn’t approve of you simply looking at things you LIKE online, then you need to find someone that’s not threatened by that. (She obviously has self confidence issues.) If you stay with her, just don’t tell her, because you know what her reaction will be. I say chuck her ass to the curb and get with a muscle broad because that’s something that you should experience first-hand and not online.

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