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NPC Women’s Physique Division Competitor Lucy Dornellas

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MuscleSport Magazine: How difficult is it to live the ‘college lifestyle’ and yet try to work out and eat healthy? 

Lucy Dornellas: It is definitely not easy being in college and keeping up with diet and training. I have classes every day so I stay busy most of the time so in order to make time for the gym, I get up as early as 6-7am to get my workout in and get it out of the way. But this isn’t even the hardest part… eating healthy is. College campuses usually don’t have clean/healthy restaurants or many options, mine for instance mainly offers fast/junk food which I definitely stay away from.

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That being said, I have to cook my own food, aka meal prep, once or twice a week and take my meals along with me in small containers to class and everywhere I go. Fun fact: during three years of college, I lived in a dorm that didn’t have a kitchen, so I’ve been through hell and back prepping my meals. I used to cook my meals in a electric single burner all at once in a small 10’x10′ room (LOL). On another note, fortunately, I am not a partier, so I don’t really stay up late or drink, which allows me to sleep early and rest. lucy_dornellas_wrightdesign75_photography_7507

MSM: Although you began training once you moved to the US, what was it like in Brazil as far as fitness goes? It seems like a place where being in great shape is almost a given. 

LD: Well, the fitness industry in Brazil is huge and Brazilian women are worldwide famous for their bodies. In fact, my role models are Brazilian fitness models that inspired me to start my journey in this business. Women out there play no games, they put in a lot of hard work in the gym and really take care of their appearance which clearly pays off. In other words, you have to work out on a daily basis to fit in box.

MSM: Being someone who is experienced in gymnastics, have you ever considered entering a fitness competition where a routine is involved? 

LD: I have participated in a bodybuilding competition in the women’s physique division which had a routine at the finals. The song I danced to was “Dance for You” by Beyonce.


MSM: What does your workout schedule look like?

LD: I split my workouts in three. I do a push day where I train chest, shoulders and triceps, followed by pull day which focuses on back and biceps, then legs and repeat. That means that I hit each muscle group twice a week. For legs, I separate hamstrings and quadriceps to give them a better focus and more time to recover. I also do a day separate for glutes and I never do abdominal exercises, my abs are literally built in the kitchen since I eat clean they’re almost always there. lucy_dornellas_wrightdesign75_photography_7456

MSM: How about your diet? 

LD: I have a very strict diet which consists mainly of lean protein (chicken breast, ground turkey and fish), a few sources of starches such as rice and potatoes, vegetables, eggs and good fats such as almonds and peanuts. I eat six small meals a day beginning with oatmeal and scrambled eggs with spinach in the morning. For post workout I usually have white rice with a lean source of protein and the remaining meals go about the same. My last meal before bed have no carbohydrates so I’ll have egg whites with a spoonful of peanut butter or half an avocado. I hardly ever have cheat meals. If I want to cheat, I’ll have sushi. I love my diet and I know it works best for me.

MSM: Where do you work out? 

LD: I work out at Lifetime fitness located in the university area in Charlotte.

MSM: Are you looking to enter any competitions? And if you have already, please give me some details about category, placing, etc. lucy_dornellas_wrightdesign75_photography_7729

LD: I competed for the first time in April this year in the women’s physique division (NPC) and I placed second. I couldn’t have been any happier with my placing for a first timer competitor. I do plan on doing another show beginning of 2017, in the same category. As of right now, I am just looking forward for improving and building a better physique.

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Location: 24/7 total Fitness (Concord, North Carolina)



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