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“We have to take this to the next level.”

That is a line that both Gregg Valentino and myself have been saying for years to one another – even before we worked together at Muscular Development. Starting back in 2009, we wanted to co-host a video show that would be nothing like anything ever done in bodybuilding media. But for one reason after another, this idea remained on the back burner all of this time… until now, that is.

Shit began coming together with this idea and the wheels were put in motion. A studio is being built and we are expanding on the idea to merely bring a new version of The Gregg & Joe Show to a video format.

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MuscleSportTV will consist of an entire schedule of original programming that cover more than just bodybuilding. We are sports buffs, so expect one of the shows to bring you our unique spin on MMA, baseball, football, hockey, etc. It will be kind of like Mike and the Mad Dog meet Opie and Anthony.


We are shooting a one-hour pilot this week at a rental studio and we will have on two live guests. We also have brought in the top videographer/producer in the industry to make this a solid team to give you the best in bodybuilding entertainment. So why the big fuckin’ secret with the names, you may be asking yourselves. It will be more fun to let you know who they all are as the show is being taped. We promise that you will NOT be disappointed in who they are and will be laughing your balls off watching this.


Since MuscleSport Magazine launched in 2008, the industry has undergone a number of changes and the media outlets needed to adapt to keep up. We have been able to do that with print and digital versions of our publication, audio podcasts, social media pages, the website being updated daily and various video content. But we knew all along that a major upgrade was needed in that last category.

And now that is being addressed… and in a major fuckin’ way.

ADVERTISERS: 30 and 60-second spots are available for the pilot episode for $50 and $100, respectively. Contact for details. 


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