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Mix It Up Sports War Zone MMA Official Results

Courtesy of Tim Tibbs

Official results-Mix It Up Sports-war zone-9/17/2016
1. 170 catch: Richard Luis Spinelli vs Cedric Gunnison= winner-Cedric Gunnison by ref stoppage/TKO 2:04 1st rd
2. 215 catch: Dennis Kelley vs Dave Hill= winner-Dave Hill by ref stoppage/TKO 1:37 3rd round
3. 130 catch: Catherine Jenson Gunz vs Audrey Baise= winner- Audrey Baise by unanimous decision
4. 125: Robert Trent vs Christian Rose= winner-Christian Rose by ref stoppage/TKO 11 sec into 1st round
5. 125: Eduardo Brito vs Fredrick Rodrigues= winner-Eduardo Brito by ref stoppage/TKO 1:49 1st round
6. 205: Robbie Miles vs Darren Ledger= winner-Robbie Miles by RNC 1:27 1st round
7. 170: Donovan Santiago vs Rashad Vance= winner-Rashad Vance by unanimous decision
8. 145: Larry Patterson III vs Chris Gatton= winner-Chris Gatton by submission(arm slicer) 2:13 3rd round
9. 125: Adam Kelley vs Quang Nguyen= winner Quang Nguyen by split decision
10. 135: Will Gunnett vs Orlando Rosado= winner- Will Gunnett by RNC 1:53 1st round
11. 125 TITLE: Shawn Suser vs Trevor Smith= winner- Shawn Suser by ref stoppage/TKO at 2:29 1st round
12.155 TITLE: Kyle Graham vs Joseph Marino= winner-Joseph Marino by RNC at 2:06 2nd round
13. 185 TITLE: Michael Deal vs Chris Isani= winner- Chris Isani by ref stoppage/TKO at 2:33 2nd round
14. 170 TITLE: Brad Lawrence vs Dominic Day= winner- Brad Lawrence by DQ (knee to face of downed opponent)

Photo: Tim Tibbs in a after show picture with good friend and main man UFC HALL OF FAMER Dan Severn and UFC fighter Renee Forte and Brandon Brilhart Bellator’s Cutman. Some other UFC and Bellator fighters were in the house such as Mike The Hulk Easton and Najim M Wali and  Gabby Gabanator Holloway.

 Next Show November 5. Remember, good things come to those who Mix It Up, Mix It Up Sports, The Eloquent and Elite of Extreme Sports Competition.

WWW.MIXITUPSPORTS.COM. Anyone group Looking to have Dan The Beast Severn for a Seminar in November on these days 3-6 let me know ASAP.


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