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MuscleSportTV Pilot Episode in the Books

That’s a wrap! The long-awaited pilot episode to kick off the MuscleSport TV Network has been filmed and is currently in post production. More than an hour of material was recorded and we will be posting it right here on the official MuscleSport Magazine website, our YouTube channel and social media pages.

The pilot was for the online network’s flagship program, Gregg and Joe TV, and will of course be co-hosted by mSm Managing Editor Gregg Valentino and Publisher Joe Pietaro. Right off the bat, the announcement was made that Jeff The Producer was now part of the mSm team and will be behind (and sometimes in front of) the camera.

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Last night’s guests included Jimmy Pellechia, better known in the industry as “The Bull” or “The Iron Bull,” and NPC women’s physique division competitor Tina “La Titan” Wilson.

If you are expecting to hear about how many reps or sets to do, or how many ounces of grilled chicken to eat, then you are coming to the wrong place. Gregg and Joe TV will be bringing you what the co-hosts like to call BODYBUILDING ENTERTAINMENT. That means the lighter side of the sport/lifestyle… the wacky shit that the other media outlets are hesitant to speak about.
Jimmy globe gregg joe

For example, Pellechia tells a harrowing story of a shitty airplane ride through a Utica  snowstorm on a ‘puddle jumper’ with only himself and an elderly woman as passengers. He was en route to a powerlifting exhibition way upstate in New York and after finally landing safely, he could not find anything worth eating in the sleepy town where Vietnamese immigrants made up the majority of the population. And he also brought in a globe… but you’ll have to watch to understand why because it would be difficult to explain here.


The lovely Wilson, 28, told us the trials and tribulations of being a heterosexual female walking around with a muscular physique, much to the delight of many lesbians she has come across in her day-to-day activities. ‘La Titan’ also delves into her sex life and how them using steroids has caused ‘limp dick’ on some of her past partners. And she also got a rise out of Joe by recalling a ‘female-female-male’ threesome that she provided for an ex-boyfriend’s birthday present.


In what ended up becoming a impromptu idea for an mSm style of “The Dating Game,” the boys suggested that the viewers post their photos on the mSM Instagram page and try to court Wilson. Be sure to tag @musclesportmag so we receive your entry. We’ll be taking a look at these and choosing who gets lucky by Thanksgiving. (You’ll have to get your ass to the New York/New Jersey area on your own dime but we’ll pay for the date. And Joe, Gregg and Jimmy may – or may not – play chaperone.) Joe Gregg Tina Jimmy pilot 1

Stay tuned for more information on our MSTV schedule that will include three separate original programs all co-hosted by Valentino and Pietaro:

*Gregg and Joe TVbringing you the best in bodybuilding entertainment

*A S**tload of Sportstwo sports buffs talking shit about the games and players

*Locker Room Talk Donald Trump made this phrase popular again and the co-hosts will indulge in everything and anything, from mainstream news, pop culture, sex to what they ate for dinner last night and how it went when shitting it out

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