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NPC Women’s Physique Division Competitor Yarelis Ramos Perez

Courtesy of Yarelis Ramos Perez

Compiled by Tim Tibbs – I’m 34 years old and was born and raised in Puerto Rico. I moved to US to join the military service as an Army Officer and am currently living in North Carolina.

When I was 12 years old, I suffered from low self-esteem and my mother got me a membership in the gym trying to help me feel better with myself. I got sick with bulimia that nearly caused my death and that’s when I realized I had to do something to have a healthy lifestyle.

I landed my first job at 17 in a gym and since the company saw my passion and dedication to fitness, they paid all my certifications: Zumba, spin, aerobics and gliding instructor. I loved it so much that I did it for almost 12 years. Cardio was my main focus like almost any other female and I occasionally used weights. But even with that, I was able to build some muscle thanks to my genetics. Yarelis Ramos Perez 2

Bodybuilding became my dream but I never believed that I would be able to do it. It wasn’t until I had my son that everything changed. I took care of my health and body during the whole pregnancy – lifting weights, eating right, performing cardio and even running. The recommended weight gain was not more than 35 pounds and I didn’t gain more than 28, which was perfect. But I felt that my body fat percentage was really high for what I was used to.

I was feeling depressed and ugly and even after a c-section, I didn’t wait for more than a week to get back to the gym and a month later, I was pushing my baby stroller while running at the park. I lost all the weight in three months but I wasn’t toned enough yet like I wanted to be. It wasn’t until my former coach Shauna Cremean told me that she would help me out if I was willing to step on stage and compete. Well, you can imagine my reaction to that. I said that was going to think about it, but maybe if I was able to look like one of those other competitors, I would do it.

That’s when my journey began. I went from 19.8% body fat to my lowest 7.3%, nice abs and good definition and felt amazing. I did my first figure competition at the NPC Adela Garcia Classic in June 2015 got fourth place in novice. The judges told me my body type was meant to be a physique competitor, which is weird because not many women compete in that category right away. That shows how good my genetic are; I was very muscular.

Following the judges recommendation, I competed in the WPD at the NPC Jay Cutler Classic a mere six weeks later and won my class plus the overall. I also did the NPC Max Muscle in November of that year and again won my class plus the overall. It was my confirmation to go to my first national show in 2016. I placed second at Junior USA in May and while I was proud of my accomplishment, I was a little sad for not earning my IFBB pro card. But honestly, if I get a pro card, I really want to win it with a first place finish and if I get an overall that’s a plus. I really want to feel that I earned it, was competitive and a strong contender.

Now more than ever I decided to work harder and bring a better package to win that IFBB pro card and get far in the sport. I will always have the judges words in my mind telling me “You have a beautiful physique and huge potential to get really far in this sport.” I don’t see myself doing anything else; I’m obsessed with the sport. Big thank you to Mix It Up Sports and Muscle Sport Magazine.

Yarelis Ramos Perez

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