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Overhead High Cable Curls For Biceps Isolation

Think back to when you picked up your first weight. It was most likely a dumbbell and you did your best impression of a curling motion with it. Your form probably sucked and you had no idea what to do, but your subconscious mind told you that you felt a pump. You knew that doing this simple – but effective – exercise was going to make you stronger and look better. Who doesn’t want big arms?


That’s the mentality you need to grasp time and time again as the years go by and you have logged more hours in the gym than your own home. But shit gets stale after a while, doesn’t it?

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When the inevitable happens, you need a much-needed boost and something that will still be easy to do but be effective at the same time. A movement that will allow you to see and feel that bicep move and eventually grow bigger.


If you do not do overhead high cable curls on bicep day, then give them a shot the next time around. They are a great exercise either as a warm-up or finisher and can even be done on as a super set with another curling movement. You can do them together, alternating or the one-arm variety. Find which one works best for you and don’t alienate the others, either.

What makes these an interesting exercise is that the D-handle fits comfortably in your hand, you can use a long range of motion and squeeze each rep hard at the top. Weight is not the important thing here; starting off with 50 pounds on the stack is a better way to go than doubling that and swinging it up with momentum. Let the bicep do the work and it will pay off.


Bodybuilders love this one because it mimics a front (and rear) double bicep pose on the stage, depending on how you stand. Dead center for both, but moving forward gives the rear pose look.


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