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How to Bet on the NFL

William J. Hauser

This article is about the intricacies of betting on sports as it pertains to every major sport in US AND about how to bet on the NFL. The NFL is considered as the most popular bet or gambling of all major U.S. games, culminating with the Superbowl, a very popular game of the year.

At the very basic level, NFL is the battle between defensive and offensive units. The article is about each football wager type such as spread, totals, moneyline, halftimes, parlays/teasers, and futures. If you are a casino lover then you must head to

Key NFL numbers

When wagering on the NFL handicap, there are some key numbers you should be aware of. In NFL wagering, these key numbers are considered as margins most landed on the NFL final score.

After knowing that what these key numbers are, one can avoid the wagering on a bad NFL handicap and can also work out which team the bookmaker wants wager to bet on. Professional NFL wagers need time building power ranking systems in order to evaluate relative strengths of teams and calculate which team will get the advantage in the given game.

Spread Betting

Like many other high scoring games in US, wagering on NFL is dictated by the point line or spread. The line or a spread is a type of side bet that gives probability or can say equalizes the winning opportunity of a wager.

The line or spread offered for any team is accompanied with symbols like – or + n order to indicate whether a team is an underdog or a favorite. The most important aspect of betting on sports is capturing the best possible line. The best way to attain this is by purchasing the best line.

Once you have learned the basics of NFL wagering, you may like to explore some other advanced strategies like a line or a spread betting strategy. Wagers looking to bet on the NFL handicaps should take into consideration a point or number factors accompanied with the game, rather than just  having the chances of team A beating team B. This form of betting is all about how many points A is better than B.


A moneyline wager, on the other side is one that is played on either the favorite or the underdog in order to win straight up.

Quarter and 1st Half Lines

The majority of bets on game are usually depends on the final result of the particular contest or event. However, in sports like the NBA and NFL, 1st quarter and 1st half lines are offered as well. In order to know which team will be the winner of the 1st quarter end, the quarter spread is used. Similarly, for a 1st half line, when the first two quarters are completed only the wager ends.


Futures waging are exactly what their name says, a wager placed on a contest that will be occurred in the future. Prediction for winning Superbowl is one of the most popular futures bet in the NFL.

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