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Jets: Put a Tent Over That Circus

William J. Hauser

Just when you thought that things couldn’t get any worse for the 2016 New York Jets, they have a week like they did with all of the locker room discontent coming to a boil. The Sheldon RichardsonBrandon Marshall tiff ended up being related to a halftime speech given by the latter during last Saturday’s washout at New England. The volatile Richardson apparently didn’t care to hear any of it, similar to the way that his play indicates that he doesn’t care about much these days.

Then two stories broke on Thursday surrounding players who are supposed to be veteran team leaders. But neither did much to convince anyone that is the case.

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First, Darrelle Revis sat down with the New York Post’s Mark Cannizzaro for an exclusive interview and the perennial Pro Bowl cornerback may have alienated himself from the fans and organization bigwigs, alike. Revis, 31, stated that he would like to retire with the Jets and that they would feel the same way if they want to treat his situation “with class.”

This is the same player who has made it a habit of holding out when he feels that he isn’t being paid enough money.

Since he will earn over $15 million in 2017, there is no way that Revis will be a Jet unless he agrees to a major restructuring or flat out pay cut of his bloated contract. His skills have diminished greatly and ‘Revis Island’ is a thing of the past.


Although Revis was correct in his self-assessment of being one of the all-time greats in the organization, he fails to realize that even the man who tops that list – Joe Namath – finished his career with the Los Angeles Rams. The NFL is a tough business and once a player’s skills erode, he is released. Even the great Joe Montana was let go by the San Francisco 49ers, as well as Ronnie Lott (who, oddly enough, played for the Jets late in his career).

Then there is Muhammed Wilkerson, who decided that the time was right to make an excuse why he has failed to live up to the huge contract (five years, $86 million) he signed in the offseason following a 12-sack 2015. Apparently, he has never fully recovered from the broken leg he suffered in the season finale loss at Buffalo and is now pointing the finger at the team’s medical staff for clearing him too soon, hence the reason for his paltry numbers (3.5 sacks through Week 16).


But he was healthy enough to pass the physical to sign the deal and play from Day One. Heck, “Mo” should have used that same excuse for his frequent latenesses for team meetings, something that he has already been punished for by Jets head coach Todd Bowles.

There is a contingent in the locker room that apparently want Bowles gone after only two seasons at the helm. Nothing spells out a reason for a coaching change like a divided roster with infighting and finger pointing, especially at staff members.

But this is the New York Jets and there is no surprise that the team is ready to implode and in need of yet another major overhaul.

It’s a guarantee…

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